The University of Rochester Student Incubator at High Tech Rochester advances student-run businesses and emphasizes a broad definition of entrepreneurship. Whether technology-based, not-for-profit, products, or services, all types of enterprises are welcome to apply. The space provides a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment and interaction with mentors and local entrepreneurs. There is no application fee. If accepted into the program, the student company does not pay any fees nor gives up any equity.


The Student Incubator is available to selected student-run startup companies.

  • All interested student businesses must apply online to be considered for admission into the incubator. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Complete applications are reviewed by the Student Incubator Selection Committee. An admissions decision is usually made within 10 business days.
  • To be eligible for initial occupancy, the management team of each company must be made up of at least 50% currently enrolled students, either undergraduate or graduate level.
  • Accepted companies do not give up any equity, nor pay rent.


The Incubator is student-centered and exists to help collegiate founders succeed.

  • Free furnished space within the Student Incubator.
  • Each student business will be assigned a mentor, who will provide coaching and guidance, and will help their teams establish quarterly milestone targets.
  • Student Incubator companies will also have access to all client amenities within the HTR Lennox Tech Enterprise Center – this includes access to wireless internet, shared conference rooms, the multi-media center, shared copiers, printers, etc., as well as access to HTR’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, who can provide additional coaching, mentoring, and connections.
  • Student Incubator companies will receive a copy of the Lennox Tech Enterprise Center Handbook, which further explains the services and benefits of HTR, upon entering the Incubator.

Important Information

  • Student Incubator companies agree to use the space only for the purpose described in the company’s application.
  • The accepted companies agree to provide quarterly updates to their mentor, which will include progress against agreed upon milestones, and financial reporting – to help companies begin to develop a regular reporting rhythm.
  • If occupant companies fail to make progress on their agreed upon milestones for a period of six months or longer, they may be asked to exit the incubator.
  • Once all original company team members have graduated from the University, they will no longer be eligible for free space and will begin to transition out of the Student Incubator (transition period not to exceed one year). During the transition period, companies will pay a discounted rent to the University (equal to $100/month per team member, up to $200/month maximum per company), beginning the first day of the month following the last team member’s graduation from the University. Companies in the transition period will be required to sign and be subject to the terms of a Space License Agreement, which will be provided before entering the transition period.
  • “Graduates” of the Student Incubator will be encouraged to stay within the Lennox Tech Enterprise Center, and become High Tech Rochester (HTR) client companies to continue to receive coaching, mentoring, and incubation services. In such event, occupancy will be according to a separate agreement to be reached between the company and HTR.
  • The annual winner of the Mark Ain Business Model Competition automatically qualifies for admission into the Student Incubator.


Contact Matthew Spielmann, Senior Program Manager.

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