Undergraduate Student Groups

Google Developer Student Club

The Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) helps students bridge the gap between theory and practice in computer science and software engineering through Google developer technologies. By joining GDSC, students grow their knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment and build solutions for local businesses and their community.

SMD Entrepreneurs

SMD Entrepreneurs is the School of Medicine & Dentistry’s first student organization created with a focus on educating trainees on the possibility of an entrepreneurial career and encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit. Join them in learning how businesses work and if you have an idea that could turn into a profitable solution!

Rochester VC Undergraduate Group

Rochester VC Undergraduate Group is a student-led organization based that creates connections between venture capital firms and University of Rochester undergraduate students. As a Rochester VC member, students get to be part of one of the following committees: Scouting, and Investment Thesis. These committees teach students about the basics of venture capital and provide opportunities to work in hands-on projects alongside industry professionals and experienced upperclassmen mentors. We also strive to be a close-knit community where students can meet like minded peers and establish long-lasting connections.

If interested in joining, please reach out to  or on Instagram at @rochester.ventures.

Graduate Student Groups

Simon Entrepreneurs Association (SEA)

Simon Entrepreneurs Association is a student-run faculty, industry, and community advised organization, centered within the Simon Business School at the U of R. Founded in September 2005, the group holds this vision: “We declare the possibility of instilling entrepreneurship as a way of being in all endeavors and integrating students, faculty, alumni and external resources to create a platform for launching successful ventures and contributing to the development of a top ten entrepreneurship program.” SEA’s members believe entrepreneurship is a way of managing one’s life and resources to undertake new ventures. The main goal of SEA is to create an environment that fosters such thinking in all disciplines; to make it a reality, they set up a portfolio of academic, professional, and social activities that integrate entrepreneurial interests and resources from throughout the Rochester community. Additionally, SEA wishes to accelerate the rate of Rochester companies started per year, spurring economic growth in the region.

Simon School Venture Capital Fund (SSVCF)

The Simon School Venture Capital Fund (SSVCF) is an early stage student-run venture capital fund run by second year MBA students at the Simon School. SSVCF is an evergreen fund, initially funded by alumni donations. The fund is guided by an advisory board of successful entrepreneurs, VC investors, and accomplished professionals in other fields. The purpose of the fund is to create unique and experiential learning opportunities for students, with respect to entrepreneurship and venture capital investment. SSVCF provides opportunities for hands-on due diligence, interaction with entrepreneurs, presentations to advisory board members, direct participation in investment decisions, and ongoing monitoring and analysis of investments.

Simon Vision Partnership Program

The Vision Partnership Program at the Simon Business School is designed to foster relationships between students and the business community. Partners include companies of all sizes, nonprofit organizations, public institutions, the University, and Simon’s renowned network of alumni. It is a unique opportunity for students to work as a multi-disciplinary team and build experience by tackling real-world challenges.