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An Awesome Opportunity: NSF I-Corps Programs @ UR

The University of Rochester supports the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps Programs and, in honor of the upcoming short course, here’s an overview of what the Ain Center runs and how these programs can help launch your venture. 

Read more about the University’s offerings here.

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Meliora Weekend 2018

We gathered to laud the history of entrepreneurship at the University of Rochester during the 2018 Meliora Weekend (a sort of homecoming and reunion celebration). Entrepreneurship has been around U of R for 40 (40!!) years. From a panel discussion to the Board of Trustees dinner, innovation was front and center throughout the weekend.

Read more about the celebrations here.

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Top 5 Team Building Tips

On Thursday, September 27, the Ain Center hosted the first Foundry Forum, a new workshop series designed to train entrepreneurs. This workshop – Opposites Attract: Turning a Group of Strangers Into a Team – covered a number of techniques and tricks for finding a group of people you want to work with and how to keep those relationships strong. We boiled down the workshop into a few key points.

Read all five here.

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Help Us Shape What’s Next

The U of R works closely with a variety of community partners, especially NextCorps (formerly High Tech Rochester). NextCorps’s leader, Jim Senall, recently wrote about the Rochester entrepreneurial ecosystem on their blog. 

Learn more here.

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Words from Wallis Hall: Our Entrepreneurial Mission

Words from Wallis Hall is a regular communication from President Richard Feldman that allows the president to share important updates on University programming and culture. Last month, President Feldman shared his perspective on UR’s entrepreneurial goals and achievements.

Read President Feldman’s message here.

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Highlights from NYC’s NextGen Summit

During the University’s summer break, undergraduate Vlad Cazacu ’20 was selected to attend the NextGen Summit in New York City. A chance for professional development, networking, and a celebration of entrepreneurship, the Summit provided Vlad with inspiration as he heads into his junior year at the U of R. 

Read more about Vlad’s journey here.

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Fall 2018 at a Glance

Welcome back to Rochester, innovators! The Ain Center is rolling out new programs and we are ready to get this semester going. We hope you’ll join us!

Check out a list of upcoming programs here.

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Spring 2018 Review

This past semester has been a busy one for the Ain Center! From competitions to community workshops, we have expanded our offerings and enjoyed every minute.

Read more about our favorite moments from Spring 2018 here.

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Fulbright-RAF Scholar’s Experience at U of R

Each fall, the Ain Center welcomes visiting faculty from Romania to explore entrepreneurship. Vladimir Tanasiev, a member of the 2017 cohort, explains how his time at the University of Rochester inspired new ideas and fruitful partnerships.

Read the blog post here.

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Talent Nyumbani: A Social-Driven Project to Grow Africa’s Talent

In 2016, undergrad Joshua “Dewey” Bazirake ’20 founded Talent Nyumbani, a social non-profit organization in Kampala, Uganda.  Talent Nyumbani aims to highlight and develop youth talent, while also promoting innovations in the arts and sciences.

Read more about Dewey’s experiences here.

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Each fall, the Ain Center welcomes visiting faculty from Romania to explore entrepreneurship. Anca Nicolau, a member of the 2017 cohort, shares the three distinct facets of her semester in the United States at the University of Rochester.

Read the blog post here.