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Artistry and Entrepreneurship: Learning from Eric Booth

The Ain Center for Entrepreneurship recently co-hosted a workshop for entrepreneurial educator Eric Booth with Eastman’s Institute for Music Leadership and the Barbara J. Burger iZone. Eric Booth shared a problem-solving framework that he utilizes to work through everything from pressing social issues to small problems.

Read more about the workshop and Cynefin Framework here.

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ENT Club Highlight: Meliora LaunchPad

The start of a new semester meant the inauguration of new leadership for one of the University’s entrepreneurship clubs. Meliora LaunchPad held their general interest meeting on January 25, welcoming new members and setting their agenda for Spring 2019.

Read more about Meliora LaunchPad and their mission here.

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The Importance of an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Each and Every Industry

As part of an annual Simon School program, Wallace Gundy (MBA candidate, Ain Entrepreneur Scholarship recipient, and Ain Team member) traveled to the West Coast to visit a number of companies and enterprises in a variety of industries. One thing she noticed? To be successful, entrepreneurship has to exist in all of them.

Read more about Wallace’s experience on the West Coast here.

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Creative Collisions

Last semester, the Ain Center held the inaugural Creative Collision Challenge, a one-day competition that brings together students from a variety of backgrounds to tackle a pressing social issue. MBA candidate and Ain Teamer Gregory Scott competed in the Challenge, taking home third place with his team Bee Aware.

Greg shares some of his insights from the competition here.

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Ready for 2019?

We hope you are! Take a glance at what the Ain Center has to offer this spring. We can’t wait to get started.

Learn about upcoming programs and projects here.

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Through the Lens of Innovation: Global Entrepreneurship Week

The Ain Center for Entrepreneurship hosted a number of events for 2018 Global Entrepreneurship Week. Sam Howard, an MBA candidate and member of the Ain Team, attended many of the programs and participated in the inaugural Creative Collision Challenge.

Sam shares some of his insights from the week here.

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Hult Prize @ UR 2018

Sara Anis, a University of Rochester junior, served as student director of the Hult Prize @ UR competition this fall. Sara organized the on-campus event and prep sessions to help teams get their presentations ready for judging.

Now that the Rochester competition is complete, she has shared some insights on her experiences.

Read more about Sara and the competition here.

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SASE National Conference and SASEtank

Gazi Mahir Ahmed Naven ’19 recently attended the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) National Conference. During the conference, he and his team also competed in SASEtank – a pitch competition, where they presented UPTICK, a data-driven affordable marketplace for student essentials.

Read more about his experience here.

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NYC Startup Trek

This fall, the Ain Center for Entrepreneurship partnered with the Gwen M. Greene Center for Career Education and Connections to facilitate an entrepreneurship trek to New York City. A small group of students and staff travelled to a number of startups and scaled companies over two days in October to see how innovation functions in different settings. MS in TEAM student Akshay Rajput shared some insight on the trip.

Read more about Akshay’s journey here.

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5 Tips for Customer Discovery

On Monday, October 22, the Ain Center hosted the second Foundry Forum, a new workshop series designed to train entrepreneurs. This workshop – The Voice of a Customer: Shut Up and Listen – covered a number of techniques and tricks for interviewing customers to determine market needs at all stages of your venture. We boiled down the workshop into a few key points.

Read all five here.