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ENT Club Spotlight:

UR Consulting Group

By Theresa Xu
University of Rochester Consulting Group (URCG) is a student-run pro-bono consulting group available to all undergraduates from any major and any year at the U of R. Our meetings focus on interview preparation, career workshops, and professional development to assist our members in their goals of obtaining their ideal internship or job. Last semester, we held a “Common Mistakes in Interviewing” workshop and a “Case Study Preparation” workshop that discussed firsthand experiences interviewing for different companies, detailing what was successful and what wasn’t. To determine what our meetings are centered around, we survey our members at the beginning of the semester to cater to their interests. We provide them the options of public speaking, panels, resume workshops, or anything else they might want to see.
Aside from our bi-weekly meetings, we also have engagement projects that our members can apply to be a part of. These projects allow our members to gather a glimpse inside what working on a consulting project with a team in the real-world is like. The teams have around 5 members each that work with a client to solve a specific problem the client has, whether it be strategy and operations or marketing campaigns. We believe that we provide knowledge and a unique perspective that can benefit our clients who are seeking help. Last semester, we had the privilege of drafting marketing proposals and strategies for Brue Coffee, College Truckers and College Town. Although we are considered a consulting club, our organization benefits anyone who is interested in developing their leadership abilities and teamwork skills, which is essential for any career path. By gathering first-hand experience working with different clients, we believe that our members are even more prepared for their respective futures in any industry.
For the upcoming semester, we have some exciting plans and events to offer to our members. We hope to host a Case Study Competition where our members work in teams to solve intricate problems and present their unique solutions to a panel of judges. This event targets and hones participants’ critical thinking abilities and creativity, which is an important factor in interviewing for the top consulting internships that typically conduct case study interviews. Additionally, in order for our members to have a better understanding of the career opportunities out there for them, we hope to invite students who have successfully completed summer internships in various companies and positions to present about their experiences to educate others. This serves as both a networking and learning opportunity for everyone.
Meeting and contact information can be found on CCC!

Theresa Xu is a senior studying Financial Economics with a minor in Computer Science. Due to her involvement in URCG, she found interest in consulting and just finished her internship at Ernst & Young in New York City, where she will return after graduation.

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UR’s Ain Center for Entrepreneurship

By Ain CFE Staff

We are the Ain Center for Entrepreneurship: a growing team of experienced entrepreneurs, incredible faculty, and knowledgeable staff. Serving the entire University of Rochester, we focus on a broad definition of entrepreneurship, turning the generation and transformation of ideas into valuable experiences, opportunities, and enterprises. Within the Ain Center, we see entrepreneurship as a mindset – both an approach to critical thinking and a teachable trait of character.

A Little of Our History

The University of Rochester’s Center for Entrepreneurship was launched in 2006, following a grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. In 2015, we became the Ain Center for Entrepreneurship, recognizing the generous support of Mark S. Ain ‘67S (MBA) and his wife Carolyn. In addition to their investment in entrepreneurship, the Ain family is known for their visionary leadership and support of innovation at the University.

We also house the Technical Entrepreneurship and Management, or TEAM, graduate program. TEAM is designed for those with a technical background (such as engineering, science, or mathematics) who want to combine their expertise with a business and entrepreneurial skills set. The interdisciplinary nature of TEAM mirrors our understanding of working across traditional boundaries to create something revolutionary.

Here, we recognize entrepreneurship as a true combination of the idealistic and the pragmatic. Though an idea can start within one individual, the creation of meaningful projects takes a village. By emphasizing core traits – initiative, intuition, awareness, and determination – the Ain Center knows what is possible when everyone rallies around an imaginative concept. A science and an art, entrepreneurship is a primary way in which a society grows, improves, and changes: not only in its economy, but also in its culture and values.

The Ain Center for Entrepreneurship is located in 1-211 Carol Simon Hall.

How We Can Help You

Far more than just a specific set of business skills, entrepreneurship is a practice that is applicable to many realms of experience and interest. As a main function, the Ain Center identifies potential partnerships with students, alumni, local businesses and non-profit organizations. These collaborations provide each participant with resources, materials, and a network of support. Additionally, we coordinate entrepreneurship courses and signature programming (such as an array of business competitions, the Ain CFE Lecture Series, and our popular Entrepreneurs-in-Residence program). Though many of our students pursue technical or economic ventures, we also provide information on social entrepreneurship, a growing field that does good for both business and community.

Recently, the Ain Center won a variety of grants to help encourage entrepreneurship throughout the U of R. As a result, we host visiting faculty from Romania, cultivate fruitful relationships with other universities in upstate New York, and attain research funding for young startups. Overall, the Ain Center for Entrepreneurship facilitates creativity and gives entrepreneurs a chance to make their vision a reality.

Let’s Keep in Touch

Beginning in Fall 2017, the Ain Center stepped up its presence on social media, establishing new ways to connect to our vast community, both on-campus and online. Find us on Facebook (@UR.AinCenter) Twitter (@UR_AinCenter), and Instagram (@ur_aincenter). Keep an eye out for our blog updates and feel free to send suggestions for future posts to

We look forward to helping you build the future.