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Advising Handbook


This is a request to carry fewer than 14 credits at any time during the semester. The request is made on a Drop/Add form available at the Lattimore counter. (Students registering for an underload at the time of registration receive temporary approval only.) All students requesting this permission must obtain approval of the dean of the College (generally from delegates at the Center for Advising Services) or, for Hajim School students, in Lattimore 301. Note that underload approval is never given for programs of fewer than 12 credits.  (See Dropping Courses)

Approval is subject to the following conditions:

  1. That an underload in the senior year will permit a student to complete all graduation requirements by Commencement.
  2. That upon consideration of the relationship of the underload to the total academic program, such an academic load is necessary.
  3. That the student has dropped a course late in the semester, making it academically unfeasible to add another course.
  4. That there has been a prolonged sickness as substantiated by the University Health Service. (See Attendance, Illness and Medical Absence)
  5. That a “temporary” underload granted at early registration is truly that. The student is expected to add a fourth course during the first four weeks of the semester.