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Advising Handbook

Dropping Courses

Changes can be made online in the student’s program beginning shortly after registration and through the second week of the semester.  Freshmen and sophomores who are not yet official majors need to meet with their advisors first to have the advisor ‘hold” lifted. Beginning with the third week of the semester, Drop/Add forms, available at the Academic Services Counter or Lattimore 312, must be used. Students may withdraw from a course by notifying the instructor (although the instructor’s permission is not required) and submitting a Drop/Add form to the Academic Services Counter. Freshmen and sophomores who are not yet official majors, as well as all Hajim School students, need to secure the signature of their pre-major or faculty advisor on the form. Hajim School students also need their department stamp on the Add/Drop form before it can be processed.

Courses dropped before the end of the fourth week of the semester will be deleted from the transcript and the advising record. Beginning with the fifth week, and thereafter through the last day of the eleventh week of classes, courses will appear on the advising record with a “grade” of  W and the week in which the course was dropped, and on the transcript with a “grade” of W; the week is not specified.

Underload approval is required if the program will be comprised of fewer than 14 credits, and will not be granted for programs comprised of fewer than 12 credits. Students should be aware of the fact that dropping below 12 credits before the four-week deadline will affect all financial aid. Only students enrolled in at least 12 credits may receive University grants and scholarships. Dropping below 12 credits even after the four-week deadline may also change TAP, Pell, and loan eligibility. Students contemplating such actions should be referred to the Financial Aid Office. Varsity athletes wanting to drop below 12 credits should be referred to Athletics and Recreation, since NCAA regulations are strict on this point. International students who wish to drop below 12 credits are not permitted to do so.  There are rare exceptions and students must always consult with ISO and an advisor in CCAS. Part-time students who are also UR employees using tuition benefits should check the policy at

Full-time students who drop below 12 credits will be sent a warning letter at the end of the semester.

The deadline to drop one- or two-credit courses, whether full- or half-semester courses, is the end of the third week of the course assuming the course began at the start of the semester. If the course begins after the start of the semester, the deadline to drop a one-or two-credit course is the end of the second week of the course.

For students in the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, courses may be deleted through the fourth week providing the permission of the faculty advisor and associate dean are obtained. 

NROTC students must additionally obtain permission from the professor of naval science to drop or add a course. In no case may they reduce their course load below 12 credit hours. Failure to meet these requirements may result in the loss of scholarship benefits and/or removal from the NROTC program.