Advising Services—Current Students

Tips for Meeting with Your Academic Adviser

Academic advising is available to all students who seek it. Freshmen are assigned to pre-major advisors who remain with them formally until the end of the sophomore year, or earlier if the student is accepted into a major. Students are assigned a faculty advisor from the major department when they are admitted into the major, usually during the sophomore or beginning of the junior year. Students intending Engineering majors stay with their advisors throughout the four years.

Undergraduates with academic questions or concerns are encouraged to visit the College Center for Advising Services in Lattimore 312. The professional advisors in Lattimore are available every day on a walk-in basis or by appointments, which may be made at the Academic Services Counter. Advisors can help plan academic programs, explore independent study and internship opportunities, make order out of chaos or, at the very least, refer to appropriate sources of aid. The Assistant Dean in the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is available in Lattimore 301. Students may also arrange to see the Dean of Freshmen by calling 5-2354, or the Dean of Sophomores by calling 5-9049.

Getting the Most Out of Your Academic Advising Meeting

  • Consider your academic goals and interests and prepare a list of courses you are interested in taking before meeting with your adviser
  • Do your research about the academic programs you are interested in before your meeting
  • Ask your adviser "what other people on campus should I get to know?"
  • Bring questions to your advising appointments and take notes during the meeting
  • Resist the temptation to believe that your adviser should have and give you all of the answers; instead expect that your adviser will help you problem solve and arrive at your own answers
  • Share with your adviser any changed interests and any areas that you would like to improve upon
  • Approach your advising meetings with an open mind
  • Ask your adviser about special academic opportunities such as independent study, research, study abroad, and certificates