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Archaeology, Technology, and Historical Structures is an innovative multidisciplinary program at Rochester. Our students study the establishment and evolution of technological, architectural, and engineering practices and their relationship to the ancient and pre-industrial societies and cultures.

Assuming a global perspective, the program integrates material from several disciplines including engineering, natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Students learn to apply engineering, archaeological, architectural, and historical methodologies to explore the creation of artifacts, buildings, and infrastructural systems within and across societies and cultures from the first millennium BCE to the eighteenth century.

A prominent feature of the program is undergraduate research under the aegis of both the University of Rochester and prestigious foreign academic institutions to address issues of interpretation, conservation, and restoration of the world’s cultural heritage.

Affiliated Departments and Programs

The Archaeology, Technology, and Historical Structures Program is comprised of courses from the following programs and departments:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Art and art history
  • Religion and classics
  • History
  • Modern languages and cultures
  • Philosophy
  • Math
  • Earth and environmental sciences