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Undergraduate Program


We offer both a major, which leads to a BA degree, and a minor in archaeology, technology, and historical structures (ATHS). Our undergraduate program is ideal for student interested in:

  • Archaeology, architecture, art history, classics, or history with a desire for critical insight into the material culture and technology of pre-industrial societies
  • Mathematics or natural sciences with a desire to study the impact of technology on ancient and pre-industrial cultures
  • Engineering that emphasizes technology, design, materials, structures, and architecture in the context of historical monuments
  • Acquiring skills and knowledge of interpretation, conservation, and restoration of historical artifacts, monuments, and infrastructures

Our students have the opportunity to study abroad and research with faculty. Majors may also complete a senior thesis.

Program Highlights

  • Multidisciplinary and interdepartmental
  • Integrates archaeology, architecture, classics, art history, history of technology, and engineering
  • Study on location and study abroad opportunities
  • Major and minor
  • Research with faculty leading to Senior Thesis
  • Global perspective across societies and cultures
  • Collaboration with prestigious foreign academic institutions
  • New and unique academic program at the national level


Program tracks prepare students for graduate studies in:

  • Archaeology
  • Architecture*
  • Civil or mechanical engineering
  • Art history, classics, or history

*A major in ATHS does not prepare graduates for licensure in architecture. But majoring in ATHS while also pursuing a major or minor in studio art is strongly recommended for students interested in continuing with graduate studies in architecture. The studio arts major or minor provides significant hands-on studio experience.

Common requirements of applicants to graduate programs in architecture include material covered by both the archaeology, technology, and historical structures and studio arts programs.