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Advising Handbook

English for Academic Purposes Program (EAPP)

EAPP is a two semester program for native and non-native speakers of English that allows students additional time to focus on English writing, critical reading, and research skills. Emphasis is placed on developing communication skills in preparation for U.S. social and academic interactions. Fall semester consists of WRT 101 Communication across Contexts I (2-credits) and WRT 103 Critical Reading, Reasoning, and Writing (6-credits). Spring semester consists of WRT 102 Communication across Contexts II (2-credits) and WRT 104 Research, Reading, and Writing (6-credits). Completing WRT 103 and WRT 104 with a C or better satisfies The College's Primary Writing Requirement.

Beginning with students admitted in the fall of 2016,  10 of the 16 credits earned in EAPP will be applied toward their degree. In earlier years, students were permitted to apply 8 of the 16 credits toward their degree. These students may petition to increase the number to 10 if they agree to change their letter grade in WRT 101 or 102 to a P grade, which will then not be calculated into the grade point average. Students are admitted into EAPP in accordance with the University of Rochester application process. There is no separate application for EAPP. Traditionally admitted undergraduates may also inquire about the Program. The EAPP Program is housed in the Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program.

For further information, see Contact: Paige Sloan, EAPP Director,