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Advising Handbook

Readmission for Degree

Students who do not complete their degree requirements by December 31 following their scheduled graduation date and who are not returning to the University may apply for readmission for their degree at the time they are completing requirements. A special application for readmission for degree is available online. (There is an application fee of $25.) Upon receipt of the application, the student’s record is reviewed to determine the academic status. The dean sends a letter of readmission, notifying the student and the Registrar whether or not all requirements are complete; if they have not been completed, the missing requirements are specified. Students are permitted by the Administrative Committee to meet the distribution requirements that were in effect for their original class. The same deadlines for completion apply (see also Graduation), although with a later class. Students who receive their degrees with a later class may ask the Alumni Association to continue to consider them as members of their original class; in that way reunions may be celebrated with the student’s friends.

Some students take additional coursework at the University of Rochester as non-matriculants and are so classified by the Registrar. At the time they apply for readmission for their degree, and ask to use the credit they earned as non-matriculants towards their bachelor’s degree, they will be assessed additional tuition representing the differential between the non-matriculated rate and the rate that applies to matriculated students. Students who plan to take additional courses at the University during the academic year in order to complete their degree should apply for readmission through the Center for Advising Services. They may make arrangements for a waiver of the usual enrollment deposit. They will be classified according to credit accumulated and will be assessed regular tuition. (See Readmission)