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Professor teaching a class

Promoting best practices in teaching and learning

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Instructor teaching a class

Offering services and programs for faculty

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CETL poster session

Supporting undergraduate and graduate students

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We offer skills support, study groups, workshops, and more to help Rochester students succeed.

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Tutoring is a free service available for any undergraduate of the University of Rochester.

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Teaching Support

We provide faculty, instructors, classroom TAs, and laboratory TAs with resources and support.

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CETL Workshop

PLTL Workshop Education

PLTL Workshops are small groups of students who meet each week to solve challenging problems under the guidance of a “near peer,” a student who has recently completed the course successfully. At Rochester, CETL collaborates with a range of academic departments to sustain the high quality of current PLTL Workshops to explore new uses of this model of cooperative learning.

Study Zone

The Study Zone is a quiet place to work where students commit to spend at least three hours a week to benefit from planning and debriefing sessions with a student leader.

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Graduate Students

Because graduate students work in a variety of roles, we offer resources for them as students, teaching assistants, and instructors.

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Guide to Remote Learning

If you are studying remotely for approved reasons The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) will provide any of our services remotely upon request.

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