TA Trainer Program

The Graduate TA Trainer Program is a partnership between the Teaching Center and AS&E Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs.

All academic departments have the opportunity to send their first-time graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) to a half-day training during orientation (typically in late August). This training prepares GTAs through opportunities to practice pedagogical techniques and the review of important information about teaching best practices, student support services, and policies. Academic departments notify students directly about this training. If a department has not notified students about participation, students can inquire directly with their departmental graduate coordinator.

More experienced GTAs may be interested in serving as a trainer who delivers this programming. The Graduate TA Trainer Program uses a train-the-trainer model in which AS&E GEPA hires and the Teaching Center prepares experienced GTAs nominated by a wide range of academic departments to deliver the training for first-time GTAs. The preparatory training occurs in a series of sessions led by Teaching Center staff over the summer. AS&E GEPA provides a stipend covering the preparatory training, the delivery of the orientation training, and associated assessment activities.