Teaching Your Course

Recommendations by What You're Teaching

Office Hours

Learn about options and tools for office hours in both online and flexible face-to-face modalities, as well as ways to manage student questions using discussion boards and peer educators on our office hours page.


The lectures page reviews options for lectures in flexible face-to-face, hybrid, and online modalities, including how to set up a schedule for pre-recording lectures.


Learn about options for seminars in flexible face-to-face, hybrid, and online modalities on our seminars page.

Experiential Learning

A 2020 committee was formed to explore pedagogical options for experiential learning such as labs, performing arts, and community-engaged learning, and its report makes recommendations based on learning outcomes.

Recommendations by How You're Teaching

Below are recommendations for flexible face-to-face, synchronous online, and asynchronous online learning activities. Learning activities are the elements of your course that offer students opportunities to practice and to build their mastery of content and skills, as well as to prepare for assessments. They should be aligned with assessments and learning outcomes. Learning activities also offer important low-stakes opportunities to introduce an educational technology tool or process that will later be used in an assessment.

Learning Activities for Flexible Face-to-Face Classes

In flexible face-to-face instruction, instructors may need to teach both remote and in-person students, as well as manage classroom safety measures such as masking and/or physical distancing. The learning activities for flexible face-to-face classes page offers guidance for setting classroom expectations and using technology to adapt class activities.

Learning Activities for Synchronous Online Classes

In synchronous online classes, students learn online simultaneously during a scheduled class. Synchronous instruction can leverage an instructor’s existing classroom skills, but it does require adaptation. The learning activities for synchronous online classes page explores options for teaching synchronously, including detailed information on how to use Zoom software.

Learning Activities for Asynchronous Online Classes

As students learn at different times in asynchronous online classes, these can offer students more flexibility and reduce access challenges. The learning activities for asynchronous online classes page outlines different asynchronous learning activities, including discussion boards and videos.