Educational Technology Tools

There are a variety of educational technology tools available to solve common challenges of online and remote instruction. We’re highlighting how to solve two common problems: adapting whiteboard- or chalkboard-based teaching to remote instruction and facilitating asynchronous online discussions.

In addition, we recommend reviewing the current list of educational software tools that are supported by University IT and have been vetted for compliance with the University’s IT security standards and with all relevant law.

Whiteboard Teaching in Remote Instruction

When teaching in person, do you often supplement your instruction by drawing or writing on a whiteboard or chalkboard? If so, we recommend reviewing our virtual whiteboard guide, which will guide you through conducting whiteboard or chalkboard-like instruction remotely—either via live zoom sessions, or as part of recorded video lectures.

Facilitating Asynchronous Online Discussion

Asynchronous discussion are online discussions where students can access and participate at different times. For a list of AS&E IT vetted discussion tools see the UR software tools for asynchronous discussion page.

IT-Supported and Approved Software Tools

You can browse the current full list of software tools that are supported by University IT. This list is current as of July 17, 2020 and includes brief descriptions of what each tool does, along with links where you can learn more about how to access and use the software. All tools on the list have been vetted by University IT for compliance with our IT security standards and for compliance with relevant laws.

For more information contact Jason Wagner.