Guidebook to Other Resources

University of Rochester Teaching Resources

This page contains links and brief descriptions of other University of Rochester teaching resources.

Instructional Resources

Faculty "How-To" Workshops for Online Instruction

A series of one-hour “how-to” workshops are being offered to get faculty started with some basic online activities. This series covers subjects like:

  • Giving live or recorded lectures
  • Using various discussion board tools
  • Giving an online test
  • Providing a platform for asynchronous student presentations

Guide to Transitioning to Remote Instruction

Originally developed as guidance for teaching during disruption, this central web page contains how-to information for transitioning to remote instruction. It addresses common questions around remote instruction with written tutorials, downloadable handouts, and short video tutorials.

Faculty Guide to Online Learning

This guide walks instructors through the basic outline of the University of Rochester’s online education program and resources and provides a framework for developing an online course.

AS&E Faculty Resources: Teaching During Times of Disruption

This Arts, Sciences and Engineering (AS&E) faculty resource provides information on how to request support for a variety of instructional needs from the:

  • AS&E Dean’s Office
  • Teaching Center
  • Event and Classroom Management (ECM)
  • AS&E Instructional Technology
  • Central IT
  • Libraries
  • Office of Disability Resources
  • Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program (WSAP)

River Campus Libraries

The library offers several resources relevant for online teaching, as described in the AS&E Faculty Resources: Teaching During Times of Disruption web page and in the following links:

Teaching Center's Teaching Guidance

The Teaching Center offers several teaching resources including information on:

  • Teaching students with disabilities
  • Designing a course
  • Teaching a course
  • Evaluating a course
  • IT resources

AS&E Faculty Resources

This web page lists general resources for AS&E faculty for teaching, advising, and research.

Office of Disability Resources Information

Faculty Guidance for Accommodating Students for Remote Instruction

This document provides guidance on how to provide student accommodations after transitioning to remote learning.

Accessible Online Teaching

This curated list of information and resources for faculty has information on online course design, digital accessibility, disability accommodations online, universal design for learning, and accessible events.

Schedule a Training

The Office of Disability Resources invites you to schedule a training for more information about accessible online teaching or to discuss course specific questions.

Academic Honesty


Academic Honesty Liaison Greer Murphy has adapted teaching tips for remote instruction that are linked from the “Prevention” page of the Academic Honesty website.

Student Learning Resources

Learning During Times of Disruption

This central web page contains how-to information for students transitioning to remote learning.

Learning Center Study Skills Guide to Mastering Remote Learning

A guide to achieving academic success in remote learning put together by the Learning Center Academic Success Coaches.

Learning Center Online Resources and Services

The Learning Center offers online and in-person academic support services both for specific courses and for skills across courses:

  • Study groups
  • Tutoring
  • Academic Success Coaching (courses, workshops, one-on-one appointments)
  • Study Zone

Writing, Speaking, and Argument Program

The Writing and Speaking Center supports effective academic communication across all disciplines by offering free writing and speaking tutoring to all members of the University of Rochester community.

COVID-19 Resources

University of Rochester Coronavirus Updates

This web page provides the latest information about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on University of Rochester operations.