A graduate student helping an undergraduate in a lab.

The Teaching Center supports Arts, Sciences & Engineering (AS&E) graduate students across their teaching roles as instructors, future faculty, and teaching assistants.

Our programming for instructors is open to graduate students from any University of Rochester school who are teaching courses enrolling AS&E students, although some instructor services align better than others with short-term instructor roles. In addition, the Introduction to College Teaching Workshop series specifically prepares first-time graduate student instructors with an emphasis on compressed summer course formats.

For graduate teaching assistants (GTAs), the Teaching Center provides written guidance and also partners with AS&E Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs (GEPA) to train all first-time GTAs. The Graduate TA Trainer Program uses a train-the-trainer model in which AS&E GEPA hires and the Teaching Center trains experienced GTAs nominated by a wide range of academic departments to deliver the training for first-time GTAs.

Graduate students interested in developing and honing their teaching for future roles can benefit from Teaching Center and partner programming. The center offers an Introduction to College Teaching program, as well as website guidance. Partner offices offer the following programs:

Finally, the Teaching Center hires graduate students interested in learning about the teaching support profession, both directly through the Student Employment Office and indirectly through the Gwen M. Greene Career Center Intern PhD program.