Classroom TAs

Classroom teaching assistants (TAs) play a vital role in the learning processes of their students. The Classroom TAs page includes useful information on:

  • Preparing for class
  • Teaching and assisting a class
  • Assignments
  • After class

Laboratory TAs

Laboratory assistants are responsible for developing student's scientific proficiency. This covers a range of skills, from ensuring that students have a grasp of the work to be done, to introducing them to basic laboratory and safety skills, to supporting students through their experiments and helping them deliver a laboratory report.

The Laboratory TAs page includes information on:

  • Crucial questions to review with students
  • Preparing for class
  • Running a lab

Graduate TA Trainer Program

The Teaching Center partners with AS&E Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs (GEPA) to train all first-time graduate teaching assistants (GTAs). The Graduate TA Trainer Program uses a train-the-trainer model in which Arts, Sciences & Engineering (AS&E) GEPA hires and the Teaching Center trains experienced GTAs to deliver the GTA orientation for first-time GTAs described below.  GTA trainers are self-nominated and nominated by a wide range of academic departments.

GTA Orientation

GTA Orientation is offered each Fall before the first day of classes as part of AS&E GEPA’s Graduate Student Orientation and is designed to prepare first-time GTAs for success leading instructional activities both in and outside of classroom and laboratory setting.  Participating students will be notified by their departments and programs.

GTA Cafés 

The Teaching Center also provides ongoing support for and professional development of GTAs through peer-led GTA Cafés. GTA Cafés provide graduate TAs an opportunity to talk about successes and challenges of working as a GTA, learn from experienced GTAs, and meet graduate students from across AS&E.


These frequently asked questions were compiled by TAs at a previous TA training workshop and cover the following topics:

  • Academic honesty
  • Assessment
  • Classroom
  • Pedagogy
  • Students
  • TA employment issues