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Study Skills Consultant
Graduate Students ONLY

CETL is in search of a reliable and knowledgeable graduate student who can assist UR students with study skills, time management, organization, and other academic-related concerns. As an employee of CETL, Study Skills Consultants hold weekly office hours where they meet individually with students. Additionally, they are asked to present a variety of workshops related to study skills for the campus community. Study Skills Counselors also generally serve as instructors in the ECO summer program (Early Connections Opportunity) and teach a section or possibly two of MOI (Methods of Inquiry, a one credit study skills course that runs during the academic year).

To apply upload your resume into JobLink (My Account > My Documents > Resume).  If you have any questions, please email CETL.

Note Takers

We are accepting online applications from full-time undergraduate students for classroom note takers. This position pays $9.70 per hour.

As a note taker you will be paid for notes prepared during class time. You will be required to scan/upload notes to our office within 24 hours of each class. If you have questions, contact CETL Disability Resources at (585) 275-9049 or stop by our office, 1-154 Dewey Hall. 

Apply to this position online.

Study Group Leaders

Study group leaders take the credit-bearing seminar CAS 352 or 355 for study group leaders, and prepare, conduct and keep records for a weekly study group, typically in league with the course instructor.

Study group leaders earn about $30 per weekly study group session. We are looking for people who excelled in the subjects that they would lead groups in, demonstrate passion for the subject, and want to help others both to learn the subject well and become better learners.

For more information about the program's purpose and practicalities, see the study group page. Study groups are scheduled to fit the leaders' timetables. Contact Robin Frye with any questions.

Please apply through JobLink on your Blackboard account (BlackBoard→Services→Jobs).

Proctors and Scribes (Graduate Students Only)
Currently Closed to Applications

CETL Disability Resources provides an alternate testing location, additional test time, and other accommodations for students with disabilities. CETL Proctors and Scribes provide a secure, positive, quiet, and professional testing environment. Proctors earn $12.50/hour for general proctoring and $14.00/hour for scribing. 

We are currently closed to proctor/scribe applications but will post an application on this page when the position re-opens in future semesters. 

(Currently Closed to Applicants)

Individual and small group tutoring is available for a range of subjects through the College Tutoring Program in CETL.

All new tutors will be required to attend two face-to-face training sessions and complete up to three online modules through Blackboard. Returning tutors are encouraged to participate in this training but will only be required to attend one face-to-face session. Tutors in training will be compensated for their time.

The pay rate is $10/hour for undergraduates and $14/hour for graduate students.

For the greatest opportunities, apply early in the course registration period. Interviews generally take place before the examination period, and openings for the following semester tend to be filled by the end of exams. All openings are generally filled before the add/drop deadline.