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CARE Network Week:

Day 2:

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Day 1:

Let us help dispel some myths you may have heard about the CARE Network! 
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Study Skills Finals Boot Camp!

Date & Time





Mastering the art of juggling during midterm week

Is the thought of studying for all your midterms overwhelming? We will show you how to manage your time so you can do it all and reduce your stress level.


1-154 Dewey Hall



To cram or not to cram?

Finding a balance during times of stress is extremely important to maintaining your well-being and performing well on exams. In this workshop, we will explore strategies to help you do both!


1-154 Dewey Hall



Test preparation and planning

In this workshop, we will discuss ideas for creating an effective study plan and explain how effective time management can help mitigate stress and test anxiety.


1-154 Dewey Hall


It’s time to sit down and study!

How can you prepare yourself to be in the best position to succeed? In this workshop, we will share tips to make the most of your time studying.


1-154 Dewey Hall