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PDA-CETL Job Search Support Group

  • Last Thursday of every month from 5 to 6 PM in Peet's Coffee
Whenever people talk about their "worst life experiences," the laundry list usually includes events like hospitalizations, divorce, moving, and the job search. As graduate students and postdocs, balancing the job search with researching 50 to 60 (to 80) hours a week, writing, and just existing in general can feel overwhelming and isolating. In collaboration with the Postdoctoral Association, the folks at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning would like to offer a place for you and your peers to air your grievances with the ever more competitive academic job search process. Lead by Kyle Trenshaw, a recent ex-postdoc and job search survivor himself, this support group is for anyone concerned about searching for their next job (whether they are currently searching or not) or anyone willing to share tips, tricks, and stories from their own past job searches for the benefit of others. The first portion of each meeting will be reserved for check-ins and general discussion/troubleshooting, and the second portion will be more targeted to a particular aspect of the job search (starting with "Organizing Your Job Search" at the 9/28 meeting). Actively searching participants will have the option to partner with others on the job search for peer feedback and encouragement, so feel free to bring any materials you are working on to share with the group. This support group should be a low stress, cathartic, enjoyable environment (with FREE coffee); there is absolutely no obligation to attend, so come when it makes sense for you and don't when it doesn't. And most of all, good luck out there!