Addressing Hazing Concerns

Whether your chapter has a problem with hazing or you simply want to help change the course of your campus culture, the following list may help you bring the needed awareness to the dangers of hazing.

  • Discuss power differential. Remind members that not all hazing is physical and provide examples that individuals might not typically include.
  • Have a brotherhood/sisterhood week. Focus time on building chapter unity with the new members.
  • Create sample case studies.
  • Discuss and define tradition. Look at positive versus negative traditions. Do traditions violate policy and go against our institution’s Meliora Values? Be open to discarding outdated traditions.
  • Have the chapter identify at least one thing to improve upon during each new member program.
  • Discuss how hazing practices directly violate the core fraternity/sorority principles.
  • Create an anti-hazing brochure, letter, or chapter newsletter explaining the benefits of fraternity/sorority life, including the chapters’ anti-hazing policies.

Adapted from the 2006 National Hazing Prevention Week resource guide.

“Empowered student leaders are the most effective tools available today to combat hazing on college campuses. These men and women must create an atmosphere geared toward the implementation of effective organizational change. By breaking through the barriers of secrecy, reevaluating traditions, and putting good versus bad in perspective, we will begin to achieve the realistic results we so desperately desire.”

—Erle Morring, CAMPUSSPEAK Speaker