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Hazing Prevention

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New Member Education

This area will discuss the goals of a new member education program, elements that make a program strong, and considerations to reduce hazing.

Goals of a New Member Program

Organizations should be proactive in reducing hazing.  One way to plan ahead is to design a new member education program that follows the guidelines of the college and of your national organization.

It should not be the goal of new member education to “mold” initiates or to make them better people. The organization is responsible for recruiting new members who demonstrate values and integrity; the organization should not have to create them.

Key Elements of a New Member Program

Did you know…
36% of people say they would not report hazing because “there’s no one to tell.”

Adapted from Judge Mitch Crane, CAMPUSSPEAK Speaker.

Considerations to Reduce Hazing

The following are some things to keep in mind when designing a non-hazing education program.