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Maia Ashman

Maia Ashman '13, Biology

Much like many other freshmen at the University of Rochester, Maia entered college thinking she would pursue a “pre-med” biology track. After a brutal organic chemistry whipping sophomore year, and the realistic understanding she would not get into medical school with her GPA at the time, she turned to alternate professions in the healthcare field that she could get excited about and potentially pursue. Inspired by her own Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, she leaned more heavily towards the Nurse Practitioner (NP) route and decided to take pre-requirements for nursing school. The summer after junior year, she became certified as an EMT and worked as a research intern in the emergency department at North Shore/Long Island Jewish Hospital. Here, she was able to rule out emergency medicine in a few short weeks. She applied to nursing schools her senior year, and a week after graduating in May 2013, she knew she would be attending the 12-month Accelerated Program for Non-Nurses at UR starting August 2013.

Maia was eager and excited to explore Strong Memorial Hospital during the APNN program and find her niche. Now, 11 months through the program, she could not be more surprised at how far she’s come personally and mentally.