Our office is dedicated to helping students navigate their undergraduate experiences while connecting with appropriate staff members and departments for their success. We also have resources available to parents, families, and prospective students

Services Offered

Holistic advising: checking in on all facets that affect students’ ability to graduate (finances, social acclimation, transition from high school, first-generation issues, academics, racial biases in and outside the classroom, career development, and co-curricular enrichment activities)

Tutoring: individual and group— although all students in the College are able to take advantage of the free tutoring services offered, our HEOP and ECO Scholars are able to take advantage of extra support through our office. Please inquire with your OMSA advisor in the office for more information about tutoring.

Book lending: our office works in conjunction with the Office of the Dean of Students and the generous donations of previous students to build our lending library. Please inquire with your OMSA advisor about our book lending program.

Printing: our office provides printing for OMSA students in our newly renovated OMSA Study Lounge. University of Rochester ID is required to access the OMSA Study Lounge. 


We value the quality of the undergraduate experience for any and all who are affiliated with our office. OMSA students are assigned to an OMSA advisor if they have:

  • Been selected as an HEOP Scholar
  • Been selected to participate in our ECO program as an ECO Scholar
  • Have self-identified as a historically underrepresented minority (Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, American Indian, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander) student during the admissions process
  • Requested to be assigned to an OMSA advisor

If you identify as a member of one or more of these demographic categories, but did not self-identify when applying and wish to use advising and other services offered to OMSA students, please contact us

See an OMSA advisor more for information on eligibility.