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Housing Arrangements

Rochester is a great place to live. Finding a suitable home is probably one of your primary concerns.

The University does not guarantee housing for visitors, nor does it provide placement services. But we’ve compiled resources to help you explore housing options in Rochester for the duration of your visit, including information about:

Below you will find more detailed information about housing options in the Rochester area. This list is a resource and guide for acquiring housing, but these are not recommendations.

Additional notes:

  • The distance and time from campus listed in the charts is based on the Regional Transit Service (RTS) route.
  • Housing costs vary depending on the neighborhood, residence condition, and amenities included. The cost of rent per month usually does not include utility expenses (i.e., electricity, heat, hot water, gas for cooking, telephone charges, parking, or furniture). To assist with estimating costs, the ApartmentList rent calculator may be helpful.
  • Most apartments are unfurnished, but there may be exceptions. Always ask the landlord to clarify.

Online Databases for Housing

Housing databases allow users to input housing specifications and then generate apartment, home, and rental property listings that match the indicated criteria.

The Office for Residential Life and Housing Services maintains information on graduate student housing in addition to a self-serve housing database that offers students the convenience of searching for suitable off-campus housing opportunities. Students can also search for roommates on this search under “shared housing.”

The University of Rochester has partnered with, a company that specializes in providing off-campus housing solutions for post-secondary students, faculty, staff and other community members. This service is FREE for anyone to use as an effective method of finding a place to live off-campus or finding a roommate.

You can search listings or find a roommate online through the University’s portal.

Other Rochester-area housing databases include:

Apartment Complexes & Long-Term Housing

An apartment complex is a building or multiple buildings divided into several apartment units. Apartment complexes and townhome units are typically rented for longer periods of time.

Apartment ComplexPrice Range/MonthDeposit# of Bedrooms# of BathroomsDistance from River CampusTransportationLease Terms
Mt. Hope Lofts$1343 - $1728$500Studio – Two1 - 21.6 Miles12 min walk +
7 min bus
12 Month
Elmwood Manor$815 - $14951 Month’s RentStudio - Two1 – 1.51.1 Miles8 min walk
+ 17 min bus
12 Month
The Button Lofts$1477 - $1835$250One - Two11.9 Miles4 min walk
+ 46 min bus
12 Month
Clintwood Apartments$810 - $10901 Month’s RentStudio - Two11.4 Miles5 min walk
+20 min bus
12 Month
Erie Harbor$1100 - $22901 Month's RentOne - Three1 - 2.51.6 Miles11 min walk
+16 min bus
12 Month
Rustic Village$905 - $11201 Month's RentOne - Two1 - 23.5 Miles5 min walk
+ 24 min bus
12 Month
Cornhill$945 - $1525$500One - Three1 - 21.8 Miles5 min walk
+ 16 min bus
12 Month

Short-Term Housing & Hotels

Short-term housing options are typically furnished and offer tenants the option of short-term housing arrangements or leases.

Short Term HousingPrice Range/ Night# of Bedrooms# of BathroomsDistance from River CampusTransportation
Staybridge SuitesAvg $150One - Two1 - 2.05 Miles
10 Minutes
10 min walk
No bus
Hilton Garden InnAvg $149One11.6 Miles
27 Minutes
13 min walk
+ 14 bus
Courtyard MarriottAvg $182One13.4 Miles
30 Minutes
15 min walk
+ 15 bus
Hyatt RegencyAvg $150One1 - 22.7 Miles
26 Minutes
12 min walk
+ 14 min bus
Strathallan DoubleTree HotelAvg $214One - Two13.3 Miles
44 Minutes
4 Min Walk
+40 min bus

Additional Housing Options

David Knoll manages 32 properties (50 units) in the Rochester area, often rented to international visitors. He offers short- and long-term leases on apartments, homes, and room rentals. Room rentals start at $375, with all-inclusive rent and utility fees.

For more information, contact him at or +1 (585) 235-6385.

Questions To Ask the Landlord or Property Manager

  • How long is the lease and what is the penalty for breaking it?
  • Are utilities included in the rent? How do I transfer them to my name?
  • How is the apartment heated? How much is the average heating bill?
  • Does the unit have existing Internet access? If not, which company is the recommended provider for this area?
  • Does the kitchen have a stove and refrigerator?
  • Where are the nearest laundry facilities?
  • Is the neighborhood noisy? Where is the best place to park?
  • Does the house contain lead paint (a danger to children under 6)?

Know your rights! The New York State Attorney General’s Office publishes the Tenant’s Rights Guide (PDF) to help renters in New York.

Housing Questions or Concerns?

The Office for Residential Life and Housing Services for Off-Campus Housing can help you with:

  • Understanding the rental process in the U.S.
  • Locating and touring suitable neighborhoods
  • Advising services

Contact the coordinator for off-campus living at or +1 (585) 275-3166.

View more information on off-campus housing in Rochester, including tips and guides for living off-campus and a housing safety checklist.

Glossary of Housing Terms

The conveniences offered by a landlord to a tenant, usually a desirable or useful feature.
Application Fee
A fee charged to process an application. Paying the application fee does not guarantee approval.
An apartment that is owned by an individual(s) in a building where the shared or common parts of the property—such as the grounds and building structure—are owned jointly by all the individual apartment owners in the building.
A co-signer agrees to share responsibility for the lease. A co-signer might be the person you’re sharing the apartment with or a family member who agrees to co-sign to help your rental application get approval from a prospective landlord. If you have bad credit or no rental history, you may be required to have a co-signer or guarantor.
Down Payment
A portion of the fees given to a realtor or landlord before signing a lease to secure an apartment.
Efficiency or Studio
An efficiency or studio apartment has a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, but all in one room.
A furnished apartment indicates the room or apartment contains some furniture. Unfurnished means that the apartment does not contain any furniture.
The person who offers the apartment for rent. The landlord might be the owner of the building or someone hired by the property owner to manage apartment rentals.
A legal contract stating the dates, price, rules, and other stipulations of the rental agreement between an individual and a management company or landlord. A lease must be in writing to be valid.
The amount charged by the landlord for the right to occupy a defined space, usually stated as a monthly rate.
Renter’s Insurance
A form of property insurance that provides coverage for a policyholder’s belongings and liability within a rental property. This typically provides you coverage for the theft, loss, or destruction of your personal belongings in the event of a fire, storm, or other covered peril.
Security Deposit
Money paid to the landlord before you move in, often equal to one month’s rent. The security deposit covers any damages that might occur while you are renting the apartment. When your lease ends, the security deposit should be returned to you minus any amount needed to cover damages beyond normal wear and tear.
Sublease or Sublet
Sometimes renters find that they cannot stay in the apartment for the full term of the lease. They often try to sublet the apartment to another qualified tenant for the remainder of the lease term. Landlords are required to cooperate by approving a qualified tenant to sublet when the original tenant needs to vacate the apartment before the end of the lease, if a qualified replacement tenant is available.
A person who rents an apartment from a landlord.
A general term that refers to such basic services as water, heat, and electricity.

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