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Key Study Strategies during Midterm Time

By Marcy Kraus, director of the College Center for Academic Support and dean of freshmen

It's midterm time at the University of Rochester and for many students, it's also a time of increased anxiety, decreased sleep, and potentially disappointing news. For freshmen, it's important to reinforce the message that these first tests are learning experiences; successful students will use the feedback they receive to evaluate their study strategies and proactively take steps to address their difficulties. High school students often study for all of their courses in the same way. In college, students soon learn that they need to study for ECO 108 differently than they study for BIO 110 or PSY 101.

Some key points to remember:

First year students often believe they can fix problems on their own and sometimes they can. Regardless, speaking to an adviser in CCAS or a pre-major adviser can help students develop a realistic plan for future academic growth. Action is the first step; success will usually follow.