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I Hope Your Semester Is Off to a Good Start

By Marcy Kraus, dean of freshmen and director of the College Center for Academic Support

The traffic in the College Center for Advising Services is busy these days as students come in and out to drop and add classes, ask about independent studies, check on the status of their summer transfer credit, and meet with advisers to discuss their schedules. Most of my emails to students begin by saying "I hope your semester is off to a good start." In many courses the first classes begin gently; readings and problem sets are underway but exams and more comprehensive assignments are scheduled for weeks from now. There is great temptation to "take it easy." Yet, those students who don't plan carefully during these first weeks of the semester may find themselves quickly at sea.
What steps can students take at the start of the semester to assure that they are well prepared for the challenges to come?