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Rochester Review
March-April 2009
Vol. 71, No. 4

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Class Notes

River Campus Undergraduate 1950s and Slater Society


Bill Ceckler writes that in September 2008 he held his “Wedding Revisited” in Montana, during which he and his groomsmen recreated and photographed a scene recorded during his wedding ceremony on September 10, 1955, in Vermont. In the 1955 photo, quarterback Ceckler stands behind (left to right) Bruce Williams, Bob Parker ’52, Tom Hoffman ’50, Jack Garnish, and Charley Cochrane ’56M (MD). The six men form an “identical” line up in the 2008 photograph, though Ceckler writes: “The spirit was still willing but the flesh a little older and a little weaker.”


Nancy Sosin Sobieski sends a photo and an update about herself and Sylvia Bienenstock Ettinger, Renata Gala Magarinos, and Katherine Hoover ’59E (BM). The four women and their families have been celebrating Thanksgiving in Nancy’s New Jersey home for over 20 years. They first met freshman year while living on Hollister 3 in what was then called the Women’s Residence Halls (now Susan B. Anthony Halls). Katherine and Nancy were roommates. Katherine transferred to Eastman her junior year.