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Rochester Review
May-June 2010
Vol. 72, No. 5

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River Campus Graduate


John Webster (PhD) sends an update. He writes: “I continue to teach courses on biomedical instrumentation and design at the University of Wisconsin. I’m also involved with various research projects, including designing measurements for menopausal hot flashes and measuring pressure in the brain. Five faculty from Vietnam spent two months with me here to study our methods of teaching.” John adds that his wife, Nancy, volunteers at a retirement center, a campus art museum, “and at our Frank Lloyd Wright–designed Unitarian church.” John and Nancy also traveled to Hanoi, where John gave lectures on medical instrumentation. “We walked around lakes, visited museums, and enjoyed the cuisine. One weekend we slept on the night train to Sapa, a market town in the hill country near China, where we trekked through nearby Hmong ethnic villages set among rice paddies.”


Margaret Blackburn White (PhD) has published a book, Becoming White: My Family’s Experience as Slaveholders and Why It Still Matters (Author House). Margaret is a professor emerita at Norwich University in Vermont.


Helen Conway Flynn W (MA) (see ’69 undergraduate).


Ken McCasland S (MBA) (see ’72 undergraduate).


Cliff Meltzer (MS) (see ’75 undergraduate).


Bob Amendolara S (MBA) (see ’72 undergraduate).


Svetislav Maric (PhD) writes that he gave a talk to the San Diego chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers on signal processing and the life and research of Edward Titlebaum, the longtime Rochester professor of electrical engineering who died in June 2009.


Daniel Weed S (MBA) (see ’82 undergraduate).


Matthew Eyles (MS) has been appointed vice president of public affairs and policy for Coventry Health Care, a managed health care company near Washington, D.C. . . . James Ayer S (MBA) has been appointed vice president of finance at Ricardo, an automotive, military, transport, and new energy industry consulting business. . . . Seth Diamond S (MBA) (see ’93 undergraduate).


Greg Hogan S (MBA) (see ’96 undergraduate).


Gretchen Harris Zenner S (MBA) (see ’95 undergraduate).


Kevin Watson W (MS) is the new assistant principal at Kendall Junior and Senior High School in Kendall, N.Y. Kevin has taught English and served as athletic director at the school for the past three years.


Lee Plummer S (MS) is a staff accountant at Mengel, Metzger, Barr & Co. in Rochester. . . . Amy Collins Hogan S (MBA) (see ’96 undergraduate).