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Rochester Review
July–August 2010
Vol. 72, No. 6

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Double Duty As more Rochester students expand their studies to include a second—and sometimes a third—major or degree, we ask a few members of the Class of 2010 why they went that extra step. By Kathleen McGarvey | Photographs by Adam Fenster
(Photos: Adam Fenster)

Sometimes the best choice you can make is to make no choice at all. So say some freshly minted Rochester graduates who decided to pursue not one major but two or three . . . or even more than one degree.

“Freedom is the hallmark of our curriculum, and students often find that they have the time to concentrate in more than one area if they want to,” says Suzanne Jagel O’Brien ’59, associate dean of the College.

This spring, more than 170 undergraduates graduated with double majors, and more than 70 received two or more degrees.

Here are a few of those students and the paths they’ve taken.