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May–June 2011
Vol. 73, No. 5

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“Vitamin D and calcium [supplements] are the flavors of the month and it’s the impulsive nature of our society to get that quick fix instead of getting back to eating whole foods.” —Stephen Cook, an assistant professor of general pediatrics, on ABC News discussing a new government study showing the growing popularity of vitamin supplements.

New York Times

“Alan had strong feelings, as did I, that one of the things that can help new music, for the uninitiated listener, was the element of actually watching the music be performed. It clarifies it, or makes it more approachable, and often adds immeasurably to the piece.”—Nigel Maister, director of the International Theatre Program, describing the origins of 1969, a show that he developed with Alan Pierson ’06E (DMA) and other members of Alarm Will Sound, a group that began as a student ensemble at the Eastman School.

USA Today

“One way people might take that finding is to go out and start chasing attractiveness. I would caution them because research shows people who are chasing attractiveness are more unhappy.”—Richard Ryan, a professor of psychology, psychiatry, and education talking about a study on well-being that reported a correlation between happiness, economic status, and good looks.

Bloomberg Businessweek

“It’s a pretty clear message: There’s a discrepancy between what doctors recommend to their patients and to themselves.”—Timothy Quill, a professor of palliative care and director of the Center for Ethics, Humanities and Palliative Care at the Medical Center, responding to a study showing that primary care doctors often choose a different treatment option for themselves than what they recommend to patients.

TIME Magazine

“We kind of assumed in the academic world that if you have a healthy baby, everything would be fine.”—Emma Robertson Blackmore, an assistant professor of psychiatry, explaining research she led that showed women who have had a miscarriage or stillbirth report prolonged depression and anxiety surrounding the loss, even when they go on to have another child.

Science Daily

“The process of approving drugs for clinical use is progressively reaching an impasse in certain areas, and the problem will only be made worse with discoveries relating to personalized medicine, because there will be more drugs but smaller patient populations to test them in.”—Daniel Ryan, chair of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, commenting a proposal in the New England Journal of Medicine for a new model for testing medical therapies and devices in which companies would collaborate and share costs.


“He was smart, the fact he recognized something was going on and sought medical attention early. It’s a common problem and Phil can tell his story.”—Christopher Ritchlin, a professor of immunology and rheumatology, reacting to golfer Phil Mickelson’s public awareness campaign for psoriatic arthritis, a condition with which he’s been diagnosed.