Two Month Review #6.4: The Book of Disquiet (sections 82-130)

BINGO! That’s the theme of today’s episode, which includes a Twin Peaks reference, awkward introduction, LitHub reference, and many other squares on the recently released Two Month Review bingo cards. It’s explained in full at that post and on the podcast, but every week, the first person to email Chad with “bingo” in the subject line and a picture of their card will receive a one-time code to get 30% off any and everything Open Letter sells.

In terms of The Book of Pessoa, Chad, Brian, and Anthony Blake break down the bits they liked (and didn’t) from this week’s reading, including the “sensationist” bits, the role of heteronyms in Pessoa’s outlook, depression, the misogynist bits, and the line “to be published = the socialization of the self.” It’s a fun, free-wheeling episode that alternates between high analysis and low jokes in the way the best TMR episodes tend to.

As always, you can find the video for this episode on our YouTube channel, where we livestream the episodes. Due to Chad’s travel schedule, the next livestream will take place this Sunday and will cover sections 131-173 (pages 142-189 in the U.S. edition). Stay tuned for more details about the exact time.

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