TMR 19.9: “The Dream of the Invention of the Memory, Etc.” [THE REMEMBERED PART]

Veeeeekingdor!!!!! This week’s episode is pretty wild, with stories of Riga FC, stoic faces, Fresán’s visit to the University of Rochester, Kurt Vonnegut, Andrei The Untranslated (follow his blog!, support his Patreon!), the purpose of book readings and the most uncomfortable ones, time and fiction, and much more!

And visit Three Percent on Tuesday to find out what book we’ll be reading in season twenty!!

This week’s music is “Malachi” by Grouplove.

Next week we’ll be covering pages 563-643 (full schedule), and you can watch it live here, or by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

You can purchase each of the books in the trilogy separately (InventedDreamedRemembered, OR, if you don’t have them and are ready for the reading event of 2023, then get The Part Trilogy for $40—approximately 30% off.

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