Women in Translation Month: The Open Letter 40% Off Sale

So, if it’s not clear already, it will be soon: there are Women in Translation Month posts plotted out for every day of this month. We have excerpts of past and forthcoming titles, four related “Reading the Dalkey Archive” posts, weekly Translation Database updates centered on WIT, recaps of WIT seasons of the Two Month Review, other related essays, and more.

And among that more? Our annual WIT SALE.

Over the next month, you can get 40% off (both the physical edition and the ebook) of all Open Letter titles written by, or translated by someone who identifies as a woman. That is a grand total of 104 titles, and includes preorders for books like Un Amor by Sara Mesa & Katie Whittemore, Natural Causes by Nina Lykke & B. L. Crook (written about here), and even the three books (Year after Year by Hwang Jungeun, Wafers by Ha Seong-nan, and Rina by Kang Young-sook) that are part of Janet Hong’s forthcoming Translator Triptych.

We’ll highlight various backlist and forthcoming titles in upcoming newsletters and other posts, but the deal is live, and the books are there to be orders, read, appreciated.


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