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Student Services

Academic Assistance Services

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning offers the following services to help students in the College improve academic performance.

Course-Specific Support

Students can improve their learning in specific courses through weekly peer-led study groups, weekly drop-in group tutoring, and one-on-one tutoring.

Skill-Based Support

CETL also offers services to help students improve their overall academic performance.  Study skills consultants can meet with student individually or offer themed workshops to student organizations.

With the Office of Minority Student Affairs, CETL also provides a study skills course in both the fall and spring semesters that is available to all students.

The Study Zone is a dedicated study space offering peer support for setting and debriefing goals for study sessions.


Students can learn more or make appointments by contacting the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, by stopping by 1-154 Dewey Hall, calling (585) 275-9049, or emailing

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