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Policies & Procedures

Academic Procedures


A grade of “I” should be given only when there are circumstances beyond the students' control, such as illness or personal emergency, that prevented the students from finishing the coursework on time. Under no circumstances may the “I” be given for the following situations:

  • Students who wish to do additional work after the course deadline to improve a grade
  • Students who wish to redo the coursework in a subsequent semester to improve the current grade.

A form requesting a grade of “Incomplete,” indicating the work outstanding and the deadline for its completion, must be signed by both the students and the instructor and submitted to the College Center for Advising Services. There is a one-semester limit for completion of the course, unless the College permits an extension. (Extensions are routinely granted when students are expected to complete their work by attending the course the next time it is offered, if the course is taught only once a year.)

Once a final grade has been submitted, whether passing or failing, the grade of “I” will be removed from the transcript. The grade of “I,” however, continues to appear on the advising record. The instructor may request a waiver of the recording of the “I” on the advising record when the lateness was created by circumstances unrelated to the students, such as equipment failure in a laboratory.

The students' failure to submit the form or to complete the work by the deadline will result in an “E” for the course, unless the instructor noted on the form that a different grade should be assigned. The dean of the College shall inform the student of an impending action to change the “I” grade before notifying the registrar.

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