UR Student Reservation Request Form

University of Rochester students can reserve the Interfaith Chapel for events. For events with over 100 attendees, open to the public and/or serving food please follow the event registration process found on the Office of the Dean of Students website.

(person making reservation)

Adviser information is only needed when your event has over 100 attendees, is open to the public, is serving food, or needs special setup/reset and/or housekeeping.

Weekly/Recurring (one semester at the time)

Complete this part only if reserving a room for a series of weeks.

Please be advised that a request for space is not a guarantee. Your request may be declined if space is not available or all the details of your event are not provided to us. If the requested room is available confirmation will be sent via email. Once confirmation is received, reservation contract must be filled out and submitted.

I have read Chapel Reservation Policy and agree to its provisions.