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Peer Advisors

Peer advisors help students declare majors and make connections with faculty, review research opportunities, and explore study abroad and options for independent and interdisciplinary study.

For general questions about the program or to be referred to a peer advisor, please email

Meet our Peer Advisors


Arts and Sciences

Engineering and Applied Sciences

Education Abroad


Exploratory Office Hours: 

6-8 PM Sunday, Monday and Thursday in the Tutoring Zone (Genesee 2nd Floor)

Mandy Forti

Major: Chemical engineering

Activities: Part of Chi Omega, a volunteer with Friends of Strong, and part of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. 

Nick Foti
Nick Foti

Majors: Economics and Political science

Minor: History

Research experience: Worked with Professor Henk Goemans in the Department of Political Science investigating various international leaders (past and present) and their prior governmental experience prior to taking executive office.

Internship: Intern with the Department of Communications

Activities: SA government senator, vice president of SigEp NY Xi, and a TA for ECO 108

Michelle Hollenberg

Major: Business - pre-med track

Activities: Organic chemistry TA and is on the e-board for both Chabad and her sorority

Julianne Kapner

Majors: Linguistics and classical civilizations

Study abroad: Greece in winter of 2017

Research: Currently works in Dr. Scott Grimm's Quantitative Semantics Lab, and did research in sociolinguistics with Dr. Maya Ravindranath Abtahian.

Activities: TA and workshop leader for several classes in the Department of Linguistics; active in several on-campus groups, including the Linguistics Undergraduate Council, Grassroots, and the Music Interest Floor

Noah Leibowitz 

Major: Mechanical engineering

Activities: Part of Off Broadway On Campus, AEPi, and No Jackets Required

Sam Roth

Major: History

Minor: Legal studies

Internships: Legal practice intern at Cunningham, Machanic, Cetlin, Johnson, Harney, & Tenney in summer 2016.

Activities: Varsity Track and Field, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and SAA.

Paul Steve 

Major: Chemical engineering

Minor: Mathematics

Research: Paul has been conducting research at the University since spring 2016.

Activities: American Institute of Chemical Engineers and Student Alumni Ambassadors, and TA for CHE 243: Fluid Dynamics.

Hannah Tompkins

Major: Geological sciences

Research: Field expedition to South Africa/Botswana in summer 2016, and currently researches stable isotope ratios

Activities: Geology TA, business manager of Sihir Bellydance Ensemble, and makes fudge at Wilson Commons 

Arts and Sciences

Art History

Macey Tam

Office Hours: 

Tuesday 2:30-3:30pm in the Tutoring Zone

Thursday 2-3pm in the Tutoring Zone

Major: Art history

Minor: Studio arts

Study abroad: Paris, Madrid, and Rome in summer 2017 for museum studies

Activities: Campus coordinator for Eye to Eye (national organization) and part of the Delta Gamma Fraternity and Women's Leadership Alliance


Perry Demarche

Major: Anthropology

Minors: French and brain and cognitive sciences

Study Abroad: Rennes, France in summer 2015, Malawi in summer 2016, and Rabat, Morocco in spring 2017

Research: Participated in anthropology research during the Malawi Immersion Seminar and worked as an internal development intern at the African Community Center in summer 2016

Activities: A Meridian, part of the Undergraduate Anthropology Council, and a member of the Refugee Student Alliance 


Erica Cornell

Major: Biology with a specialty in biochemistry

Minors: Spanish and chemistry

Study abroad: Granada, Spain during the summer of 2016

Research: Conducts research in the Ermolenko Lab on mRNA end-to-end distance; spoke at a sports medicine symposium about patellar instability and recovery after medial patellofemoral (MPFL) reconstructive surgery; conducted research at Boston Children's Hospital - Summer 2017

Activities: BIO 110 workshop leader/lab TA, Journal of Undergraduate Research content editor, Friends of Strong volunteer in the Wilmot Cancer CenterMajor: Biology with a specialty in biochemistry

Laura DiRienzo

Major: Biology with a speciality in molecular genetics

Minors: Chemistry and psychology

Research: Conducts research at Wei Hsu Labs in the Department of Dentistry at URMC; was an Orthopedic Research Intern at the Veterans Hospital in Memphis

Activities: Part of University's Women's Rugby, the Relay For Life Committee for Colleges Against Cancer, and was a TA for BIO 110: Introductory Biology 

Ryan Grimes

Major: Biology with a speciality in molecular genetics

Minor: Chemistry

Study abroad: England during the 2016-2017 academic year

Research: Neuroscience and the gut-brain connection at University of Oxford, Warneford Hospital

Activities: Was a TA (BIO 112 and BIO 110), and is part of the Meridian Society and Student Alumni Ambassadors 

Clara Wolfe

Major: Biology with a speciality in biochemistry.

Research: Summer research in Germany; a researcher in the Ghaemmaghami Lab; conducted research at Yale University in summer 2015

Activities: Part of Varsity Cross Country and Track, and a TA for both BIO 198: Genetics and BIO 252: Biochemistry 

David Yang

Major: Biology with a speciality in neuroscience

Research: Currently working at the Gorbunova Lab and was at the the Friedman Lab during the summer of 2015

Activities: Philanthropy chairman for Sigma Alpha Mu and also sponsored a downhill skateboarder for Bustin Boards Co.

Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Crystal Lee

Office Hours: 

Tues/Thurs 2-3pm in Meliora 242

Majors: Brain and cognitive sciences, and linguistics

Research: Works in the Kinder Lab and was at the Johns Hopkins Lab for Child Development in summer 2016

Activities: TA for BCS 152, and president of Liberty in North Korea 

Jill Schwartz

Majors: Brain and cognitive science, and psychology

Research: Part of the Kid NeuroLab at the Concepts, Actions, and Objects Lab at the University

Internships: Summer intern at Language and Cognitive Development Lab at the University of California, Berkeley

Activities: Volunteer coordinator for STEM Initiative and a TA for CHM 132 Lab, and is on the Varsity Women's Rowing Team


Brian Caputo

Majors: Business and statistics

Minor: Epidemiology

Internships: Data analytics and marketing intern at The Echo Group in the summers of 2015 and 2016

Activities: Part of NCAA Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field, WRUR: Campus Radio, and is a staff photographer for The Campus Times 

Rachel Kaplan

Office Hours: 

Monday 11am-1pm in the Tutoring Zone

Major: Business on the finance/accounting track

Minor: Health policy

Internship: A healthcare management intern at Northwell Health in the summers of 2016 and 2017

Activities: A MTH 141 TA, writing fellow, peer career advisor, Campus Times writer, and part of Meliora Capital Management 


Rachel Clune

Majors: Chemistry and applied math

Research: At the University of Pennsylvania in summer 2016, and currently researches at the University of Rochester

Activities: Part of the University of Rochester's Wind Symphony, works as a workshop leader for Freshman Organic Chemistry, and is the vice president of the Undergraduate Chemistry Council


John Cole

Major: Classics

Minor: Mathematics

Study abroad: Greece in the winter of 2017

Research: Conducted research at Syracuse University in the summer of 2014 and 2016

Activities: Part of the Undergraduate Religion and Classics Council, Running Club, and Trombone Choir (Stingers) 


Sophie Aroesty

Majors: Psychology and English

Minor: Dance

Study abroad: London in fall 2016

Research: Some research in the psychology department

Internship: The video production company, Upbeat Productions, in fall 2016

Activities: Part of Alpha Phi and the Ballet Performance Group, and is a TA for Psych 181

Data Science and Computation

Anya Khalid

Majors: Economics and data science

Study abroad: Paris, France in spring 2017

Internships: A web production intern at World Wildlife Fund in summer 2015, an IT intern at Liberty Mutual Insurance in summer 2016, and a Technical Consulting Intern at Ernst & Young in summer 2017

Activities: The president of the Computer Science Undergraduate Council (CSUG), TA'd for ECO 108, and was a Workshop Leader for CSC 171 

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Allison Laubach

Major: Environmental science

Research: At NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory's Chemical Sciences Division in summer 2017

Internship: Allison was an intern at Mohonk Preserve in summer 2016

Activities: TA'd for EES103, is a Manager of Dining Team Green, and is a member of the club tennis team

Garrett Gay

Majors: Geology and history

Study abroad: Poland in summer 2015 and Scotland in summer 2017

Research: Part of the Trail Lab in the geology department

Activities: An RA, workshop leader for EES 101, and supervisor for Event and Classroom Management 


CJ Van Huben

Office Hours

Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm in Rush Rhees - 3New (Economics Library)

Major: Financial economics

Minor: Computer science

Study abroad: Los Angeles with SpaceX in spring 2017

Internships: CJ was at BASF in the summer of 2016, and was at EY in the summer of 2017

Activities: Econ TA, leads an Econ Study Group, and is part of SAAC.

Carrie Taschman


Majors: Economics and English (language, media, communications)

Minor: Business

Study abroad: Copenhagen, Denmark in fall 2016

Activities: TA'd for ECO 108, is a DJ for WRUR, and is part of both the Student Alumni Ambassadors and Meridian Society

Xuemeng Zhou

Office Hours

Monday 7-8pm in the Tutoring Zone (2nd Floor Genesee Hall)

Majors: Financial economics

Study abroad: Rennes, France in summer 2016

Research: Conducted research at Taiyuan University of Technology in summer 2016

Internship: Marketing intern at Leike Signs & Models Manufacturing Company

Activities: Economics chair in the Undergraduate Finance and Economics Council (FEC), as well as a teaching assistant in the Department of Economics 



Film and Media Studies



Health Professions

Oleaser Johnson

Majors: Linguistics and French

Study abroad: Rennes, France with the Modern Languages and Cultures Department during summer 2017

Research: Previously did research at the Ohio State University, is a research assistant in the Department of Linguistics, and volunteers in the Department Brain and Cognitive Science

Activities: A workshop leader for LIN 210: Introduction to Sound Systems and is currently a resident advisor; is also a member of the Linguistics Undergraduate Council 


Joe Buckley

Majors: Applied math and financial economics

Internship: Hedge fund in MA this summer

Activities: A calculus TA, part of e-board for Men's Club Soccer, and part of Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Jackie Meyer

Office Hours: 

Monday 11AM-12:30pm in Hylan 915 (Math Lounge)

Majors: Mathematics and French

Study abroad: Paris, France in spring 2017

Internship: Supplier quality statistical analyst intern at Pratt & Whitney in summer 2016, and an actuarial intern at Cigna in summer 2017

Activities: Part of the Chamber Orchestra, Orientation, Kappa Alpha Theta, and Recreational Ski and Snowboard Club

Physics and Astronomy

Cecile Skoryna Kline

Major: Physics

Minor: Mathematics

Study abroad: Bristol, United Kingdom in 2017

Research: Conducted applied THz research at Centro de Investigaciones en Optica, and cosmic and gamma ray research with Professor Segev BenZvi here at Rochester

Activities: Physics TA, a member of Newman Catholic Community, and a member of SPS 

Joshua Rosser

Office Hours: 

Tuesday 12-2pm in Physics, Optics, Astronomy Library

Major: Physics and astronomy

Research: At the University of Rochester as well as at the Caltec Jet Propulsion Laboratory since summer 2016

Activities: Part of SAE BAJA, and was an astronomy TA 

Ryan Rubenzahl

Office Hours: 

Tuesday 1-3 pm in B&L 357

Major: Physics and astronomy

Minor: Mathematics

Research: Gamma-ray astrophysics

Activities: Tour guide at C.E.K Mees Observatory in the summers of 2015 and 2016; part of Astronomy Club and the Society of Physics Students; TA for physics and astronomy 

Political Science and International Relations

Luke Meyerson

Major: Political science

Minor: Legal studies

Research: Assistant for research in the Department of Political Science 

Activities: A two-semester teaching assistant for Professor Gamm; elected to the Keidaeans Society at the end of his junior year; served on the Political Science and International Relations Curriculum Reform Committee, which was responsible for shaping the new majors; member of the University’s Varsity Baseball team 

Boguang Yang

Majors: International relations and financial economics

Research: Undergraduate research assistant at political science department on civil war and terrorism related issues

Activities: TA’ed for two classes in economics; part of University Debate Union and competed at US Universities Debate Championships last April; chapter president for Dobro Slovo, the National Slavic Honor Society throughout the 2017-18 academic year 


Poonam Brar

Office Hours: 

M/W 5-6 pm in Meliora 450 

Majors: Psychology and Business

Research: Research Assistant at the Columbia University Psychiatric Department in the Global Psychiatric Epidemiology Group, Research Assistant in Professor Niemiec's lab for Research in Human Motivation, Research Assistant in Professor Zuckerman's lab for Research in Multiple Areas of Social Psychology studying Psychology and Religion, TA for The Psychology of Human Motivation (PSY 262), TA for Introduction to Psychology (PSY 101).

Activities: President of Psi Chi - The International Honor Society in Psychology, Captain of Rochester Bhangra 


Julia Weisman

Major: Psychology

Minor: Business and journalism

Study abroad: Rome, Italy in spring 2017

Experience: Part of Project PACE at the University of Rochester Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology; NYU Child Study Center Summer Program for Kids in the summers of 2016 and 2017

Activities: Part of PATHS at Mt. Hope Family Center, a TA for Psychology 101, and part of Psi Chi

Public Health-Related Programs

Nicole Kase


Office Hours: 

Tuesdays 10 AM- 12 PM in     Meliora 450 

Major: Health, behavior, and society

Minor: Psychology

Study abroad: Italy for a summer program with Dr. Chin, and will be in London for a UCL program in fall 2017

Research: Conducted research in Borca di Cadore, Italy with Dr. Chin in 2015, did Independent Study in 2016, and is currently doing research at URMC with Dr. Cerulli.

Internship: Trillium Health and Regional Primary Care Network in summer 2016

Activities: Was a TA for Public Health 101 and 102, and is currently a TA for PH Anthropology; a Bhangra member and public relations chair of SUPHS 

Studio Arts

Emma Baker

Office Hours: 

M/R 10-11 AM in Sage Art Center 

Major: Studio art

Minor: International relations

Internship: Seedfolk City Farms in summer 2016 for course development, and worked as a studio assistant to Allen Topolski in summer 2016

Activities: TA for SA 252: Advanced Digital Art; president of the Music Interest Floor; Urban fellow  

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Engineering and Applied Sciences

Audio and Music Engineering

Jillian Donahue

Office Hours: 

Thursdays 2-3 pm in CSB 418 

Major: Audio and music engineering

Study abroad: Birmingham, UK in spring 2017

Research: Worked in Professor Bocko's Research Lab in summer 2016

Activities: Part of Women's Club Volleyball, Secretary of Audio Engineering Society, part of WRUR, and a TA. 

Biomedical Engineering

MaryAnne Achieng 

Office Hours by appointment

Major: Biomedical engineering

Research: Works in Waugh Lab and will be a research fellow at the Mayo Clinic

Activities: A CETL tutor, and is a member of Cru, UR, EWB and BMES 

Renee Brigham 

Office Hours: 

Tuesdays 2-3 pm in 2nd Floor Goergen 

Major: Biomedical engineering

Minor: Classical civilizations

Study abroad: Greece in winter 2017

Research: An undergraduate research assistant in the lab of Dr. Catherine Kuo

Activities: President and charter class member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority; CETL study group leader and part of the Yoga Club

Harshita Narang

Major: Biomedical engineering

Study Abroad: Hyderabad, India in Summer 2017

Internship: Biomechanics intern at L.V. Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad, India

Research: Currently a research assistant at Yoon Lab (Flaum Eye Institute)

Activities: Part of Shotokan Karate and was a TA for BME 201P: MATLAB Programming

Chemical Engineering

Mohammad AlMagweshi

Major: Chemical engineering

Minor: Materials science

Study abroad: Beijing, China in summer 2015

Internship: A process technology intern at SABIC Technology Center in summer 2016

Activities: TA for CHM 131, a Freshmen Fellow, and is publicity chair for AIChE 

Callum Breene

Major: Chemical engineering

Minor: Health and sociology

Research: Conducts research in the Mukaibo Lab

Internship: Portfolio and decision analysis intern at Pfizer in summer 2016 and a summer intern at PurePoint Energy in summer 2015

Activities: Tour guide and analyst director for Meliora Capital Management 

Haberly Kahn

Major: Chemical engineering

Study abroad: Hamburg, Germany in summer 2016

Research: Conducted research through the NASA SARP Program in summer 2017

Activities: Part of Varsity Softball and Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society; TA'd for Orgo, Fluid Dynamics, and Heat and Mass Transfer 

Anna Kopp

Majors: Chemical engineering

Study abroad: Auckland in fall 2016.

Research: Currently does research here at Rochester

Activities: TA for CHE 150: Green Energy and CHE 243: Fluid Dynamics; part of the Student Alumni Ambassadors and She's the First

Computer Science

Juan Pablo Castano

Major: Computer science

Minor: Business

Study abroad: Bristol, UK in spring 2017

Activities: Computer science TA, and is part of the 2018 Class Council and Sigma Phi Epsilon

Jordy Guntur

Major: Computer science and economics

Minor: English

Activities: TA for CSC 171 and CSC 172 TA, is the SA web admin, and works at IT HelpDesk and IT ResNet 

Hunter Johnston

Office Hours: 

Tuesdays 3-4 pm in Wegmans Hall

Major: Computer science

Activities: Part of Chess Club, a 171 workshop leader, a TA for 173 and 252, and a CSUG tutor 

Tarin Rickett

Office Hours: 

Thursdays 1-2 pm in Wegmans Hall 

Majors: Computer science, and brain and cognitive sciences

Minor: Psychology and French

Study abroad: Nantes, France in spring 2017

Research: Took BCS 206 and 207 research courses with Dr. Ralf Haefner

Internship: Web development intern at L.L. Bean in summer 2016 and a UI engineer intern at LinkedIn in summer 2017

Activities: Part of URFOOT, WIC, and was a TA 

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Reem Mislati

Office Hours: 

Thursdays 2-3 pm in CSB 418

Major: Electrical engineering

Research: Conducted research in the ECE department during the summers of 2016 and 2017

Activities: Workshop leader for ECE 111 and a TA for ECE 112 

Astra Zhang

Majors: Electrical engineering and studio arts

Internship: Product engineering department intern at Emerson InSinkErator in summer 2016

Activities: Part of UR Equestrian Club, a PHY 121 and 122 study group leader, and a TA for SA 190 

Interdepartmental Engineering

Sidney Duquette

Major: Interdepartmental Engineering: Area of Study-Biomolecular Engineering

Study abroad: Sydney, Australia in spring 2016

Research: Conducted research at the Benoit Research Laboratory

Activities: Director of external relations for Jackson Court Hall Council, and is part of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity 

Mechanical Engineering

Jake Erichson

Major: Mechanical engineering

Minor: Economics

Internships: Business technology summer analyst at Deloitte Consulting in summer 2017 and a digital media analytics intern at Nielsen in summer 2016

Activities: Part of Club Tennis, Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, and is a mechanical engineering TA 

Meghan Patrick

Office Hours: 

Thursdays 3:30-4:30 PM in Hopeman TA Lounge


Major: Mechanical engineering

Minor: Computer science

Study abroad: Madrid, Spain in spring 2017

Research: Xerox Research Fellow for Professor Kelley's Mixing Lab

Internship: Structural analysis intern at Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems in summer 2016

Activities: President of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), performer in the musical theater group Off Broadway, On Campus (OBOC), and a member of the Community Service Co-Ed Fraternity Alpha Phi Omega (APO)

Rebecca Walton

Major: Mechanical engineering

Minor: Mathematics

Internship: Manufacturing engineering intern at U.S. Axle, Inc in summer 2016

Activities: Part of Tau Beta Pi, Society of Women Engineers, and UR Women's Rowing 


Sze Wah Lee

Office Hours: 

T/R 2-3 pm in 4th Floor Goergen Hall

Study abroad: Russia during the summer of 2015

Internship: Interned at Lockheed Martin during the summer of 2016

Activities: President of Hong Kong Student Association Club, and previously business manager of Optical Society of America

Diego Martinez

Office Hours: 

M/F 1:30-2:30 pm in 5th Floor Goergen 

Major: Optical engineering

Internship: Worked on a scatterometer for a local company, Sydor Optics, was a Metrology Intern for OLAF Optical Testing, and an R&D Intern for Edmund Optics

ResearchUnder Professor Knox on a project for Sydor Optics.

Activities: President of Mariachi Meliora,  past Business Manager of Optical Society of America, and was a workshop leader for both OPT101 and OPT241.

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Education Abroad

Ryder Eaton

Major: Jazz Bass Performance

Study abroad: Beijing, China in summer 2011, Hong Kong in summer 2015, and Paris, France in spring 2016

Internships: Stringed instrument luthier intern at David Gage Stringed Instruments NYC in summer 2015

Activities:Ryder is also a Take 5 student.

Emily Grey 

Major: Biomedical engineering

Study abroad: Sydney, Australia in spring 2016

Research: Conducted research at the Heart Research Institute during her time abroad

Activities: Member of women's rugby team and women's club soccer 

Sarah Jahnige

Major: Brain and cognitive science

Minor: Psychology

Study abroad: Arezzo, Italy in fall 2016

Research: Research intern for Anne Arundel Medical Center designing a project on the risk factors for high resource utilization following the surgical treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis

Activities: Member of the varsity women's lacrosse team and the Delta Gamma sorority; a TA for the mathematics department

Lauren Raue 

Major: Health, behavior and society

Minor: Philosophy

Study abroad: Khon Kaen, Thailand in fall 2016

Internship: Intern at the American Lung Association of the Northeast summer 2016

Activities: SWARM trainer for the Health Promotion Office, worker at Information Technology Services, and is involved in Greek life 

Orin Troyer

Major: International relations

Minor: Philosophy

Study abroad: Australia in spring 2016

Activities: Program assistant at the University of Rochester; part of the Minority Students Advisory Board, Student Organization for Caribbean Awareness and One Community, as well as a program assistant and peer mentor the for ECO/ESP Program