Office of Minority
Student Affairs


Early Connection Opportunity (ECO)

As a participant in the Early Connection Opportunity (ECO) program, you'll become a more informed student, and better prepared to engage in the academic, social and cultural wealth of the University community.

About the Program

ECO is designed to start you off in the right direction. It will teach you about the attitudes, skills and social connections that characterize successful University of Rochester students. ECO will prepare you for classes, inform you about services you can use when you need help, and introduce you to social life on campus.

Who should attend ECO?

Academic Offerings 

Sample Schedule:


Out-of-Class Benefits

Becoming familiar with various campus offices such as:

Social Benefits

Academic Credit

Four credits (the equivalent of one full college course) are awarded for successful completion of the summer program. One or two credits may be earned in follow-up courses during the academic year.


Financial Aid



If you wish to participate in ECO, simply complete the ECO Reply Form that is included with your offer of admission and return it along with your Admissions Reply Form to the Office of Admissions. Additional information regarding ECO will be forwarded to you once you notify us of your intent to enroll at the University and to participate in the program.

Who to Contact

Please contact us:

Office of Minority Student Affairs
Phone: (585) 275-0651