Students who have been withdrawn from the University and wish to return as an active student, should submit the Application for Readmission to the College Center for Advising Services. The required deadlines are May 1 for fall readmission and November 1 for spring readmission. These deadlines are firm and the College Center for Advising Services reserves the right to postpone review of a late application until the following semester. To be considered for readmission, the student must show a readiness to resume a full academic program from which they can benefit. Students who do not need to return to the University to complete their degree requirements should consult the Readmission for Degree section. Students who are away from school on a leave of absence should follow the instructions for returning from leave outlined on the Leave of Absence page.

Students considering readmission should start the process well in advance of the published deadline to allow for sufficient time to complete the Application for Readmission as well as any necessary forms to apply for financial aid and housing. Students are not eligible to register or submit an application for housing until they have been officially readmitted. International students should review the timeline for readmission available here. Students who were experiencing health related issues at the time of their departure, are encouraged to consult with University Health Services (UHS) or with the University Counseling Center (UCC) to make arrangements for continued medical treatment, if needed. Students cannot be readmitted if any money is owed to the University.

Readmitted students whose initial enrollment preceded the Rochester Curriculum requirements are expected to meet those requirements using the same criteria as transfer students.

Additional Undergraduate Degree

Students who apply for readmission in order to complete a second undergraduate degree must submit a petition to the Administrative Committee requesting approval and outlining their intended coursework.

Once awarded, a degree cannot be changed. For example, a student who previously completed a minor as part of one degree cannot return as a readmitted student to complete a major in the same area. Students cannot earn a second BA degree.

Academic Status

All readmitted students will be notified of their academic status, which will be determined in accordance with the following.

Good Standing

Students who withdrew in good standing will, provided they have not done unsatisfactory academic work during their absence, be readmitted in good standing.


Students who withdrew while on probation will, upon readmission, remain on probation for at least one semester. Students who return on probation, are expected to meet regularly with a Student Success Advisor upon their return. See the probation and suspension page for more information about probation.


Students who are suspended for unsatisfactory academic progress are eligible to apply for readmission after a minimum of two semesters away. During their time away, students are encouraged to stay in touch with their academic advisor(s). Often, advisors will have helpful recommendations about how to best spend this time away from school. Most students work, volunteer, address any health issues that may have impacted their academic performance, and/or take classes. In some cases, students are encouraged to complete college coursework while they are away, to reinstate their eligibility for financial aid. Students who wish to take classes, should discuss their plans with an advisor in CCAS in advance, to ensure that course approvals are secured, and any relevant academic policies are discussed. Students who are suspended and then return, regularly report to their advisor, that this time away from school was very helpful in addressing the difficulties that were experienced while they were a student.

Readmitted students are eligible to receive transfer credit for coursework that was completed elsewhere upon their return. When readmitted, students remain on probation until their progress toward a degree is satisfactory. Students who return on probation, are expected to meet regularly with a Student Success Advisor.

Faculty Rules Regarding Readmission and Re-evaluation

  1. All decisions concerning readmission are made by the dean of the College or his delegate.
  2. Students who have been suspended from the College for unsatisfactory academic progress will be subject to the following provisions upon readmission:
    1. Readmitted students will return on academic probation.
    2. The records of formerly suspended students who have been away from the College for at least one year show academic credit for work taken at the University prior to their suspension only in those courses in which they received grades of “C-“ or better, “P,” and an “S” in those courses taken under the satisfactory/fail or pass/fail option.
      1. Courses taken under the first-year transcript policy will not be re-evaluated.
      2. The record will show re-evaluated work only as credit earned, as with transfer credit.
      3. Only work taken after readmission will be reflected in the cumulative average. However, all work completed prior to suspension, including grades received, will remain on the student’s transcript.
      4. The following statement will be placed on the transcript to appear at the beginning of the semester of re-admission:
        1. Re-evaluation of prior academic record granted. All grades have been removed from cumulative grade point average. All credit for courses passed with D+, D, or D- grades has been removed from cumulative hours earned.
      5. Federal guidelines require the Office of Financial Aid to consider all coursework completed at the University of Rochester as if the re-evaluation had not occurred.
      6. On rare occasions, the re-evaluation described above will not advantage a re-admitted student, who is free to petition that this procedure not be carried out.
  3. A student who has been suspended twice from the College for unsatisfactory academic progress will not be readmitted.