Withdrawing from any or all courses requires formal action by the student. Not attending all or some courses is not considered an official withdrawal and may result in receiving a grade of “E.” Students who want to withdraw from specific courses should follow the procedures outlined on the dropping courses page.

Withdrawal at the End of the Semester

Generally, withdrawing from the University signifies that a student does not intend to return at a later time. A student considering withdrawal should discuss whether a leave of absence is the more appropriate choice with an advisor in the College Center for Advising Services (CCAS).

Students who choose to withdraw or are withdrawn from the University can submit an Application for Readmission if they decide to return. Students who withdraw in good standing will normally be readmitted.

Withdrawal during the Semester

An active student who withdraws from the University on or after the first day of classes but before the time when s/he will have completed sixty percent (60%) of the period of enrollment (semester) will have their institutional charges and institutional aid adjusted based on a daily proration of attendance. The complete refund policy can be found under Policy on Refund of Student Charges for Change of Status.

Dining, health insurance, mandatory health fee, and room and board refunds are decided by Dining Services, University Health Service, and the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services, respectively as applicable.

Procedure for Withdrawing

Students who intend to withdraw should visit CCAS to discuss their plans with an academic advisor and file a Change of Status Form.

Students who are no longer on campus should notify CCAS in writing via ASEchangeofstatus@rochester.edu of their intent to withdraw indicating the reasons for the action.

Students who choose to withdraw will be asked to complete an online withdrawal survey. A student withdrawing from the College in order to transfer to another institution will often need an academic recommendation from the dean. Requests for these recommendations should be made through CCAS.

At the end of each semester, the academic status of each student is reviewed. Students who withdraw voluntarily are subject to academic action up to and including probation and separation. Students who are withdrawn involuntarily (e.g., separation for academic or disciplinary reasons) are expected to follow the guidelines provided to them at the time of withdrawal.