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Job Openings

Study Group Leader - (Currently Closed to Applicants)

The Study Group leader application is closed for the Spring 2020 semester and will reopen for Fall 2020 sometime in early April if there are any openings. For more information about the program's purpose and practicalities, please visit the Study Group page. Please contact Kyle Trenshaw with any questions.

Tutors - (Currently Closed to Applicants)

Tutors take the one-credit, semester-long seminar CAS 312, “Supportive Practices in Peer Education,” and can subsequently offer individual and small group tutoring in appropriate subjects through the College Tutoring Program housed in the Genesee Hall Tutoring Zone. There is no strict GPA requirement to apply; however, preference will be given to applicants who performed well in the courses that they propose to tutor in. We particularly encourage students who have struggled academically but ultimately succeeded in their coursework to apply.

Applicants must be available during the Spring 2020 semester to participate in the CAS 312 seminar. Any scheduling changes that prohibit prospective Tutors from attending the CAS 312 seminar will result in any offer of employment being rescinded. All applicants should also demonstrate passion for the subject matter and want to help others both to learn the subject well and become better learners.

For more information about the program’s purpose and practicalities, please visit the Tutoring page. Please contact CETL with any questions.

Study Skills Consultant
Graduate Students ONLY 
(Currently Closed to Applicants)

CETL is in search of a reliable and knowledgeable graduate student who can assist UR students with study skills, time management, organization, and other academic-related concerns. As an employee of CETL, Study Skills Consultants hold weekly office hours where they meet individually with students. Additionally, they are asked to present a variety of workshops related to study skills for the campus community. Study Skills Counselors also generally serve as instructors in the ECO summer program (Early Connections Opportunity) and teach a section or possibly two of MOI (Methods of Inquiry, a one credit study skills course that runs during the academic year).  Please apply on JobLink or email CETL for any questions. 

Study Zone Leader - (Currently Closed to Applicants)

Study Zone leaders provide support to every student using the space in the form of goal-setting before and debriefing after each study session. Study Zone leaders are also available for troubleshooting on study habits and time management within the space and as role models for positive studying behaviors. The Study Zone leader application is currently closed and will reopen sometime in early April for the Fall 2020 semester. Please look for our postings on JobLink in future semesters! For more information about the program's purpose and practicalities, please visit the Study Zone page. Please contact Kyle Trenshaw with any questions.

For the greatest opportunities, apply early in the course registration period. Interviews generally take place before the examination period, and openings for the following semester tend to be filled by the end of exams. All openings are generally filled before the add/drop deadline.