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Undergraduate Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions. If we are unable to answer your question with this page, please contact us at (585) 275-9049 or stop by Dewey 1-154.

Appointments at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

What is the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)?

CETL is a resource for undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty in Arts, Sciences & Engineering (AS&E), providing a range of programs to enhance both instructional practices and approaches to study. In addition, CETL provides study skills support to graduate students in the School of Medicine and Dentistry, the Simon Business School, and the Warner School of Education.

What services are available at CETL for students?

If you are a undergraduate student in AS&E, you are welcome to participate in our confidential study skills program or our study skills course, CAS 142: Methods of Inquiry. We provide a range of course-specific study groups, and CETL partners with academic departments to provide the workshop program, which consists of collaborative problem-solving groups for a wide range of courses. Individual and small group tutoring is also now available through the College tutoring program in CETL.

Graduate students in AS&E, the School of Medicine and Dentistry, the Simon Business School, and the Warner School of Education can benefit from our graduate study skills program.

How do I set up an appointment at CETL?

There are a number of ways to do this:

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Study Groups

How do I sign up for a study group?

You can sign up for study groups on Blackboard. Please visit our study groups page for more information.

How many students are usually in a study group?

There can be anywhere from a single student to as many as fifteen in any given study group.

What if I need a study group for a course that doesn't have one?

Though we're not currently taking requests for new study groups, CETL does have several other resources for students. Check out our tutoring and study skills consulting pages.

Why should I sign up for a study group?

Study groups are a great way to affirm for yourself that you really do know what you think you know. There is no such thing as a “silly question” in a study group. It is a comfortable place to learn from a student who has taken the same course recently enough to remember where you might need guidance.

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Study Skills

How often can I meet with a study skills consultant?

You may meet with a study skills consultant for a one-time trouble-shooting session or on a continuing basis. You will decide this together with your consultant.

Is study skills support only for people who are doing poorly? 

No. We see students who are on the dean's list, as well as students who are on academic probation. The determining factor isn't whether or not you're doing well academically; it's whether you feel you could be getting more from your studies or using your time more effectively.

What is "study skills support"?

Study skills support is a confidential service provided by CETL. It involves individual discussion with a consultant about ways to improve your academic performance and efficiency.

What topics does "study skills" include?

Lots! Your study skills consultant would be happy to talk to you about issues like:

  • Finding and maintaining motivation
  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Taking better notes
  • Increasing reading comprehension
  • Handling multiple choice questions more successfully

Are my study skills appointments at CETL confidential?

Absolutely. Our policy is to maintain the confidentiality of all our study skills consultations with students.

How long does each study skills appointment last? 

Each individual appointment lasts about an hour. Occasionally, students meet with us for a single study skills appointment; more commonly, our work together takes place across a number of conversations.

What can I expect from a study skills appointment at CETL?

We usually begin by just getting to know you! You may have a particular study problem that you would like help solving, or you may just wish to find out if there are more optimal ways to go about learning. Either way, we would be happy to talk with you.

How much do study skills appointments cost?

All study skills appointments are free of charge.

If you have a concern and wonder whether we can help, just give us a call at (585) 275-9049.

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