Video Studio

The Rettner Hall Video Studio is a teaching and learning space devoted to supporting video production. We welcome students, faculty, and the University of Rochester community to usethe studio as a means to communicate, collaborate, and create.

The Rettner Video Studio is located in Rettner Hall 305, through the Soundlock doors on the third floor. This 30’x20’ space features:

  • Mac desktop with Adobe Creative Suite, FCP, ProTools, VLC, HDMI out to projector
  • Mounted projector and screen
  • Surround sound system and receiver
  • Whiteboard (two sided with wheels)
  • 110 powered grid system
  • Chroma key green-screen wall
  • Black acoustic drape
  • Ceiling mounted paper backdrops (white, black, blue, grey)
  • Diva soft lights
  • Arri Fresnel light kit (1x650, 2x300) with dimmers
  • Ovation F-55FC 3X grid array with control panel
  • LED dimmable lights with programmable color temp
  • Video-village style monitors with HDMI connection
  • C-Stands and sandbags
  • Flag kit
  • Grip equipment
  • Gaff tape, black wrap, gels

Students should bring their own cameras and recording media when using the studio. Camcorders, audio equipment, and DSLRs are available from the Rettner 201 Lending Library.

Instructors may use the Canon XF series camcorders and additional equipment for classes, please be in touch with the studio manager for specifics and requests.

Studio Hours and Availability

  • Hours of operation align with the Rettner 201 Help Desk hours during the University academic calendar.
  • Check the Rettner Video Studio Calendar for availability and workshop offerings.
  • All users (faculty, students, staff, community members) should request a reservation at least 72 hours in advance through our reservation portal.
  • Students must complete the Introduction to the Studio Safety Workshop and sign the Studio Contract before being eligible to reserve the studio.

Studio Covid Protocols

We adhere to University-wide COVID protocols. Please check the most current information on the University's Covid website.

Studio Users

People who use the studio:

  • Can be students, faculty, staff, or UR community members
  • Must complete the Intro Video Studio/Studio Safety Workshop to be eligible to use the space (check our calendar for current workshops)
  • Submit a signed Video Studio Contract (please sign, include your last name in the document title, and submit via this form)
  • Agree to all studio rules and policies as outlined in the contract
  • Will list all personnel who will be in the space (crew, cast, interviewees, observers, etc)
  • Should plan to bring their own recording equipment and media
  • Pledge to keep the studio neat, clean, and wrapped to standard
  • Check-in and check-out with the Rettner 201 Help Desk Staff
  • Follow COVID protocols

Reservation Process

  • All users (faculty, students, staff, community members) should request a reservation at least 72 hours in advance through this reservation form.
  • The studio manager will email you a confirmation and inform the Rettner Help Desk.
  • Please allow time for the studio manager to process your request.

Accessing the Studio

Bring your UR ID card for sign-in at the Help Desk in Rettner 201. The Rettner Help Desk staff will confirm your reservation and swipe you into the space. No unreserved or unapproved use of the studio is permitted at any time. You will need to check out with the 201 help desk and they confirm that the studio has been properly wrapped.

Wrapping The Studio

The studio needs to be clean and tidy when you leave. Read the Video Studio Contract for additional cleaning and safety protocols. Please make sure to complete the following steps:

  • All overhead lights have been turned off; no lights should ever be left on when leaving the studio
  • All cords have been wrapped properly
  • Lights have been put away properly
  • Items on the storage shelf are orderly
  • Backdrops are rolled up and black drape closed
  • Tripod plate is on the tripod (not attached to camera)
  • Table, chairs, and step stool are near the entrance
  • Any item used has been returned to where it was found
  • Floor is vacuumed if needed
  • All equipment has been wiped down with the provided disinfectant wipes before and after use

When entering the studio, if anything is left out or improperly put away, please take a photo and email it to the studio manager and notify the Rettner 201 Help Desk before you start your reservation. At the end of your time, clean the studio properly.

The video studio exists to accommodate students and groups. However, sloppy behavior will not be tolerated. Please follow procedures and leave the studio better than you found it. If not, your privileges may be terminated at the discretion of the studio manager.


For more information, contact the studio manager at