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Video Studio

The Rettner Hall Video Studio is located in Rettner 305.

The studio, which is 30' x 20', features walls covered in black acoustic drapery as well as a chroma key green wall. There are two (black and white) 10’ x 20’ roll-down backdrops, and one neutral grey wall for photography and video production. Floor lights and some overhead lights are also available for renters. More specialized video and sound equipment is available for specific courses. Instructors can contact studio manager for detailed list.

Computing resources in the video studio are primarily Mac Pro computers with industry-standard photo and video software (Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, etc.).

Videography Workshop

Videography workshops are held once a semester; usually three Friday’s near the beginning of each semester from 2-4 p.m. This workshop equips students with the necessary skills to use the studio independently.

Please contact studio manager for details.

Reserving the Video Studio


In order to rent the video studio you need to have one of the following pre-qualifiers:

  • You’ve taken a SA or FMS class at Sage/Rettner Video Studio*
  • You’ve taken the Videography Workshop
  • You a member of WRUR-TV, UFC, or Photography Club.

*DMS classes are not sufficient for renting the studio.

Step 1—Safety/Orientation Training (S/O)

Students who use the video studio need to complete the S/O training before they can reserve the space. This training is meant to orient students with space, safety, and basic procedural issues.

The training does not train students how to use studio equipment. Studio manger may ask specific questions about the use of equipment to get a better sense of students’ true abilities.

This training will either be given as part of your studio classes, or by appointment with the studio manager. At this time, you will be required to sign the Video Studio Contract.

Step 2—Make a Reservation

Make reservations at least three days before you want to reserve the studio. Before booking check the calendar (ical or html) for conflicts, then request a date and time through the online reservation form.

A list of ALL other students (full name and email) in the studio during a reservation needs to be provided to the studio coordinator. This list needs be emailed to the studio coordinator prior to reservation time. If an individual isn’t on the list and is found in the studio, the reserver will lose their studio privileges.

A confirmation email will be sent to you once we confirm that you’ve meet the prerequisites and the time you requested is available. Access to the studio will be handled through the Help Desk in Rettner 201 during their operational hours.

Studio Hours

  • Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. – midnight*
  • Saturday: 10 a.m. – midnight*
  • Sunday: noon – midnight*

*Evening reservations need to be cleaned up and key returned to Help Desk by 11:45 p.m.

Accessing the Studio

Please have your ID card for sign-in at the Help Desk and swipe access to the airlock at the video studio. No unreserved or unapproved use of the studio is permitted at any time.

Required Cleaning

The studio needs to be clean and tidy when leaving. Please make sure to complete the following steps.

  • All overhead lights turned off; no lights should ever be left on when leaving the studio
  • Lights chords wrapped properly
  • Lights put in storage area
  • Items on storage shelf left orderly
  • Backdrops rolled up properly
  • Table, chairs, and step stool tidy near the computer wall
  • Any item used returned to where it was

PLEASE NOTE: When entering the studio, if anything is left out or improperly put away, please take a photo and email it to studio manager (within 10 hours) and notify Help Desk before you start your reservation. Then after your time in studio, clean the studio properly. The coordinator will deal with the appropriate students.

The video studio attempts to accommodate students and groups. However, sloppy behavior will not be tolerated. Please follow procedures and leave the studio better than you found it. If not, your privileges may be terminated at the discretion of the studio manager.


For more information or to schedule Safety/Orientation Training, contact the studio manager at

Students filming an interview with Korean War Veterans.