December 2019

December 2019

Thank you! A Message from the University’s Annual Giving Chair

As a member of the George Eastman Circle, you make amazing things possible for the University of Rochester, its Medical Center, and all those who are a part of our family. Your passion, dedication, and incredible generosity make an impact on the world each and every day. You help change lives and we are grateful for all you do.


Gwen M. Greene ’65
Member, Board of Trustees
Chair, University Annual Giving Programs

Improving Relationships through Gratitude: A conversation with Stephanie O’Keefe

This time of year, we often give thanks. This year, more than 3,000 George Eastman Circle members have invested more than $6.8 million dollars. We are beyond grateful for your generosity and would like to express our sincerest thanks. In the spirit of giving, and to learn more about the expression of gratitude, we sat down with Stephanie O’Keefe. Stephanie earned her University of Rochester master’s degree in 2012, her PhD in 2017, focusing her thesis on elements of gratitude. Click here to find out what she discovered.

To read through inspirational ideas, further appreciate the beauty of gratitude, give thanks, and live thanks, visit this special University website.

Your Philanthropic Impact

George Eastman Circle members make an enormous impact each and every day. To learn more about the difference you make, click here to view our new Philanthropic Impact report.

Get Involved

Many of our volunteers help us advance the University’s mission in the spirit of philanthropy. Donors who support the University of Rochester or one of its schools or units share a common characteristic—the desire to make a difference. The George Eastman Circle Leadership Councils are comprised of volunteer leaders who actively strengthen the Circle’s presence in key regions around the country. Council members promote high-end annual giving to an identified group of the University’s closest alumni, parents and friends. In addition, George Eastman Circle Leadership Council members are invited to join a network of University of Rochester volunteers who are supporting the University’s mission to Learn, Discover, Heal, Create—and make the world ever better.

As a George Eastman Circle member, we invite you to learn more about our George Eastman Circle Leadership Councils by visiting our website or by contacting Erin Bory, Director, George Eastman Circle Volunteers and Engagement at or 585-275-6603.

See the world with the University of Rochester Travel Club

Pack your bags and broaden your horizons with these incredible trips in 2020. With extraordinary experiences in London and Bath, Canada, Italy, and Japan led by University hosts, your next adventure awaits. To learn more, visit

Upcoming Events

One of the ways we’re able to thank you for your commitment to philanthropy at the University is to extend invitations to various regional gatherings, dinners, and University programs. Here are just a few of the upcoming events that George Eastman Circle members are invited to attend. To learn more, please visit the George Eastman Circle website.

Save the date for these spring George Eastman Circle events: 

George Eastman Circle Impact Reception with Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY
April 1
Rochester, NY

George Eastman Circle Family Reception, Rochester, NY
April 22
Rochester, NY

George Eastman Circle Garden Party, Rochester, NY
June 9
Rochester, NY

George Eastman Circle Hospitality Suite – 2020 CGI Rochester International Jazz Festival, Rochester, NY
June 20
Rochester, NY

Welcome Sarah C. Mangelsdorf, the University’s 11th president, and join a conversation about the University’s future at one of these upcoming national events near you:

1.15.20 | Tucson, AZ
1.29.20 | Palm Beach, FL
1.30.20 | Naples, FL
2.6.20 | Houston, TX
2.7.20 | Chapel Hill, NC
3.13.20 | Washington, DC
3.29.20 | Los Angeles, CA
3.30.20 | San Diego, CA
4.23.20 | Chicago, IL
5.28.20 | Philadelphia, PA
6.18.20 | San Francisco, CA

For more details, and to register, visit this website.

Share the spirit of the season. These fun and festive holiday celebrations are coming to a city near you!

12.5.19 | San Diego, CA
12.6.19 | Syracuse, NY
12.6.19 | Tokyo, Japan
12.7.19 | Los Angeles, CA
12.9.19 | New York, NY
12.13.19 | Taipei, Taiwan
12.13.19 | Rochester, NY
12.14.19 | Cleveland, OH
12.15.19 | Raleigh, NC
1.4.20 | San Francisco, CA
1.4.20 | Philadelphia, PA
1.5.20 | Atlanta, GA
1.5.20 | Washington, D.C.
1.10.20 | Boston, MA
1.11.20 | Chicago, IL
1.12.20 | Albany, NY
1.12.20 | Houston, TX
1.23.20 | Pittsburgh, PA
1.25.20 | Baltimore, MD

For more details, and to register, visit this website.