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Funding FAQ

Below you will find some frequently asked questions regarding summer internship funding.


Can I apply for funding if my employer is also paying me?

Yes. In your application you will be asked to detail your expenses, as well as any compensation you are receiving from the internship employer, income you will have from supplemental part-time jobs, or other university funding like a RIG grant. The application will deduct the support you are receiving from your expenses to create a funding request.

Can I apply for funding if my experience includes a program fee?

No. Opportunities that include a program fee, including study abroad, some international service programs, etc., are not eligible for funding, even if they include an internship component.

Can I apply for funding for an entrepreneurial project?

No. Internship Funding requires that you are working for and being supervised by an established provider. For more information view a list of internship criteria

Are graduating seniors eligible to apply?

Due to restrictions on the endowments we draw from, there is not currently funding for students beyond graduation. Seniors graduating in December are eligible to apply.

Are international students eligible to apply?

Absolutely. However, international students should be aware that taxes may be withheld from your award amount dependent on the tax treaty between the US and your country of citizenship.

Are undocumented students eligible to apply?

Yes, and we encourage you to meet with someone in the Greene Center or Financial Aid Office about your situation. You are also welcome to bring this up in your Career Impact Statement.

Can I apply for funding in anticipation of an internship offer?

No. You must have accepted an offer for an internship. When you submit your application, an email will be sent to your supervisor for confirmation of your hours, the time frame of your internship, and the compensation they will be giving you (if any).

What if it doesn’t seem like my internship offer will come in prior to the application deadline?

Talk with the employer you are interviewing with or applying to! This can be included as a line in your cover letter (“I am eligible to apply for summer internship funding through my university should a hiring decision be made prior to April 10th”), or in communications about setting up an interview or following up to an interview. Remain polite, and just let the employer know that receiving a decision in time to apply for funding will help you in determining the feasibility of accepting an offer.


How will my application be evaluated?

Your entire application will be evaluated, including the completeness of your application, your Budget Justification and Career Impact statements, and the funding you are requesting. See our evaluation rubric for guidance on creating a quality application.

Where can I get assistance on my application?

Students are encouraged to utilize the Writing Fellows program, as well as collaboration hours at the Greene Center (M-F 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. during the academic year).


When will I know if I’ve received funding?

Funding decisions will be emailed to applicants the week of April 23.

Is there any way to appeal a decision?

All funding decisions are final, and are based on the evaluation rubric linked above.

Receipt of Payment

When will I receive my funding?

Payments are currently made in two allocations, one in June and one in July. Our funding sources cross over the University’s fiscal year which begins July 1.

How will I get my funding?

You are encouraged to set up direct deposit through HRMS.

  • If you already hold a position on campus, you can adjust this in your HRMS account.
  • If this is your first payroll eligible position, you will need to wait until you are “hired” in HRMS to set up direct deposit. As this may happen after you leave campus, you are strongly encouraged to get the university’s Virtual Private Network client installed on your computer prior to leaving campus for the summer.
Is Summer Internship Funding considered taxable income?

Summer Internship Funding is generally considered taxable income, and you should discuss the implications of this with a tax professional familiar with your individual situation.

Will tax withholding be taken out of my Summer Internship Funding payments?
  • US Citizens and permanent residents will not have tax withholding removed from your check
  • International students will have income taxes withheld according to the United States' tax treaty with your country of citizenship, which can range from 0% up to 22% of your award. Further information on taxes and withholding for international students can be found on the ISO website