A student working in a lab.

A major focus of QuEST is to educate and train the next generation of scientists at all levels: from K-12 students through postdoctoral scholars. By training future leaders in this the field, QuEST will ensure that they are well-prepared to communicate the excitement of discovery in quantum information applied to chemical science to a broad audience, and that this group of developing researchers reflects the diversity of the general population. 

In Phase I, this effort will revolve around select signature initiatives: professional education and training to QuEST graduate students and postdoctoral scholars; the development of experiences and outreach efforts for the public based on quantum- chemical science at the high-school, undergraduate, and layperson level via a variety of venues, including science museums; and widespread dissemination of QuEST knowledge via traditional, web-based and social media platforms. Finally, working with the American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics scientists, QuEST will identify pathways and industrial partners for the Phase II goal of translating prototype optical cavities into massively parallel, integrated photonic circuitry for chemical synthesis.