Edmund A. Hajim School of Engineering PhD candidates have the unique and valuable option of pursuing a Master of Science in Technical Entrepreneurship and Management while completing their Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering and Applied Sciences.
We can help you achieve!

By taking a few additional courses, students will gain useful experience and will be able to add a distinctive additional degree to their resume.

  • Students will take the core TEAM curriculum and use 4 engineering courses from their PhD program to complete their technical concentration and degree. Please note, engineering courses cannot be used towards more than two graduate degrees. TEAM courses can be taken over the length of their PhD program.
  • Students should consider pursuing a TEAM degree after they have completed their qualifying exam and have earned their PhD candidacy.
  • Students will receive a 50% tuition discount on all fall TEM courses. Both spring TEM courses will be covered by their PhD tuition waiver.
  • By pursuing this degree PhD students will not only have the ability to discover and research new innovative ideas, but will also be able to assess the market opportunity of these ideas. These multidisciplinary skills are truly differentiating qualifications, positioning students to become industry leaders.
  • Apply online – application fee waived. Fill out the online application only. Please include undergraduate information and standardized test scores. No transcript, letters of recommendation, or personal statement is needed.