Accounting in Autumn

By November 3, 2014 March 20th, 2015 Blog Posts

Autumn has arrived, and we finally managed to finish the first part of our accounting and financing class. The class is aimed at helping students understand and productively use the principles of finance and accounting in order to better structure business decisions. Professor Heidi Tribunella taught us “The accounting model presents skills required to interpret and analyze common financial statements and evaluate a company’s past performance as well as potential future performance.”


We learned what financial statements are after we learned basic accounting concepts. Subsequently, we dove deeper to see what further information can be gained from analysis. Furthermore, we learned how to do a transaction analysis, in case there are any within the company, plus how it can influence our financial statements step-by-step. Beyond that, we learned what our real liabilities are, regarding our assets or equity, and how to manage them in a proper way to show a good picture of a company. How can we manage and estimate our costs and do cost-profit analysis? It’s really incredible that we were introduced into the accounting world in such a short period time, transforming us from students who knew nothing about accounting into individuals who now understand the basic concepts.


Now hopefully my classmates will receive good grades!


Once I finished my accounting exam, I suddenly found that all the green leaves turned red and yellow, in what seemed to be overnight. You can’t even imagine the fall scene that is mixed with green, yellow, and red; it sends off a very powerful visual impact. I can’t help but express how fabulous it is.


While I was walking across the lawn, in front of Rush Rhees Library, I watched students sitting on the grass, reading, writing, talking, and so on, sunlight seeping through the leaves. Deep down, everyone is cherishing the last bit of sunshine before the heavy snow arrives in Rochester. I feel as though I can never love the fall in Rochester too much. I love its colorfulness and enjoy its peacefulness… especially now that midterms have passed.



– Jill Jin ’15 (MS)Jill Jin Pic