University of Rochester Virtual Tour

Welcome to the University of Rochester!
Before we get started, let me explain the many ways in which you can explore our beautiful campus:

  • You can click on the front-facing arrow to start walking around our campus – You can also jump to the next stop by clicking on the Next Stop button
  • Now, if you already know where you want to go, you can select any location by using the list OR by clicking directly on the map
  • Lastly, remember that you can explore any particular location in more detail by clicking on the 360, photos, or video icons.

As a Tier-1 research university with a self-directed curriculum, the University of Rochester attracts students from around the globe who arrive prepared to explore and create their own educational experience. Our community is made up of forward thinkers who embrace diversity in thoughts, interests, and approaches to learning. From day one, students are encouraged to collaborate with professors and classmates, taking full advantage of the freedom of the Rochester curriculum. They design innovative research, become entrepreneurs, change the landscape of campus and the city through community service, and stay true to our motto “Meliora,” which means ever better.